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The Condition of Adopt Children in the USA

任鑫 & 滕月

? In the past:

? USA have small population for a large area.

? Because the cost is high that the American adopted the local kids is very difficult.

? After the second world war, the USA adopted a large quantities of war orphans. ? In earlier ages, the USA adopted a large number of child in China.

In the present:
? Now if adopt a kid must though institutions, the condition of adopt a child‘s is very complex: 1.Meet 2.Secondary adoption 3.Household survey 4.Single bedroom

? Now the adoption costs even higher than before. ? Chinese institutions consider it is an opportunity and raise the standard of collect fees, resulting in USA go over other countries.

? Harmonious family air is a flower in the world, there is nothing more tender, it is nothing more than it more appropriate for the family was well trained, honest. --Sister Carrie

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