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Wolf is coming1

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Good morning! Ladies and Gentlemen.

Wolf Is Coming

There's a shepherd boy who looks after the sheep in the hill. He likes telling lies.

One day he wants to make fun of the farmers. So he shouts.

"Wolf! Wolf! Wolf is coming!"

The kind farmers are working in the field. They hear his shout, and hurry to help the boy.

But when they get there, the boy says, "There isn't a wolf. Ha-ha锛孖鈥檓 joking. " The farmers are very angry.

When the farmers go down to the hill, the boy shouts again,

"Wolf! Wolf! Wolf is coming!"

And the farmers come to help the boy again. The boy laughs and laughs. The farmers are mad and say, "You tell lies. We will not believe you."

Later, a wolf really comes. The boy is very scared. "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf is coming! "

The boy shouts and shouts , "Help! Help! " But no one comes. And the wolf eats the naughty boy`s sheep.

The story tells us that we shouldn`t lie.We should be honest.

That`s all.Thank you!

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