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Let us all enjoy the classic period of the most popular videos - "spoof of a woman“ Maybe this will delay us a little time, but I believe, read it, you will instantly sleepy today without a trace.

The first seed(the most important casting)WaterBrother A lottery fans. From the supermarket to buy lottery prize, but was wrong boss, return to their roots

in the boss, boss many times to ask for money but no results, but to take amazing scene today "take the money.“ In fact, play the film in any Sanshui particularly mathematical talent is a talent, but also a great man of principle, in a later plot, we will see his comic performances. Here are wonderful pictures in which he recalled

II hero - Lijun Wei

The quiet young man, deeply in love with his work with Xiao Lin, to love, to her mind that, at the courage to sacrifice their lives, the "beloved silent" interpretation of the head! This guy is a pop star Well guys look singing sensation good starring!

One heroine Tang Xiaolian
This girl ah, that is the legendary Tang Xiaolian, for she is starred by the famous actor Li Xiaolu, this guy, and consequently in the film is not afraid ah, the mind calm and is a personal matter ha

The girl eventually moved Lijun Wei's affection move! As the saying goes, "Money talks."

The woman, ah, guess everyone will know, the one that caused a water freak how the boss, this guy losers quit to know that playing mahjong, the supermarket will get money lost in the process of Zaobang robbery, that under the is crap ah, alas, it is depressingly ah.

This ah, the reality is a famous actress, here, ah, you, he is a robber, ah, not to mention, he can blame bad luck, grab something to hide, but was looking for someone gain an advantage when, alas, reasoning to whom the last was also low quality of the TV stunned the supermarket, to the depressed person can die ~

This guy ah, the most funny, the singing is very hand, and acting ah, that can boast about, ah, the last people to debut wearing stockings, silly, "the man to fire the" ~ this film, With him - Zhu Liao, adding it was a great joke ah ~

Although he has sneaky, people ah, but a very principled people's police, even eating an ice cream, cheap supermarket people are not accounted for, but also help busy busy residents that, in the end he led the People's Police to break out of this disaster!

The fat brother ah, that is we that stupid brother nephew of water - tires, this good fellow, you know eat, we get to come and a supermarket, and encountered what to eat anything, but the water for his brother are all Results of the accounts ~

"Nightclub" is the story of the origin of the problem from the lottery, where the hero of water to get justice, to the supermarket where the boss launched a series of actions, it did not, was an unexpected robbery, but this time they united as one, rather indirect , and finally a ridiculous interpretation of criminals can be subdued song dra

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