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剑桥国际少儿英语KB3 Unit 2 文本

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Unit 2 Home sweet home (温馨的家)

2. Listen and check.

Meera: We’ve got a new flat. We’re moving from our house in the country to a flat in the town.

Alex: Do you like living in the country?

Meera: I love the country. At the moment I live in a small village. It’s quiet and there are a lot of trees.

Lenny: Has your house got a basement under the floor?

Meera: Yes, it’s full of boxes and old toys.

Alex: And what about your new flat?

Meera: Well, it has’nt got a basemen or a garden, but it’s got a beautiful balcony for my plants.

Alex: Cool. What eles?

Meera: The house in the village has got stairs to go up and down but the flat in the city is different. There are five floors so we go upstairs and downstairs in a lift!

Lenny: Wow! I want to live in a flat.

Q1:Who can you see? (I can see Meera, Alex and lenny.)

Q2: What’s in the room under the house? (There are boxes and


Q3: Has the flat got a garden? (No, it hasn’t.)

Q4: Hho is moving house? ( Meera is moving house.)

3. Listen and say the letter.

a basement(d) a village(b) a lift(g)

upstairs(e) a balcony(c) a town(a) downstairs(f)

9. Listen and say.

12 20 13 30 14 40 15 50 16 60 17 70 18 80 19 90

10. Listen. What colour are the doors?

May lives at number seventy-two. (That’s pink.)

Tom lives at number ninety-eight. (That’s white.)

Jack lives at number twenty-three. (That’s yellow.)

Daisy lives at number forty-one. (That’s green.)

Peter lives at number sixty-four. (That’s purple.)

Mary lives at number eighty-five. (That’s black.)

Sally lives at number thirty-seven. (That’s blue.)

Vicky lives at number fifty-nine. (That’s orange.)

14. Listen and repeat. Point to the picture and say the sound.

1. cow 2. stairs 3. draw 4. house 5. there 6.down

7. bear 8. mouth 9. chair 10. tall 11. four 12. how

13. door 14. where 15. board 16. pear

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