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剑桥国际少儿英语KB3 Unit 1 文本

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Unit 1 Family matters (关于家庭)

2. Listen and check.

Stella: Hi, everyone. This is my project. Here’s my family tree. These are my parents, Mr and Mrs Star.

And look, here are Grandma and Grandpa Star. They’re my grandparents and they’ve got two children: a son and a daughter.

Their son’s my dad and their daughter’s my Aunt May.

I’ve got one aunt and one uncle: Aunt May and Uncle Fred. Aunt May’s my dad’s sister. Uncle Fred’s my mum’s brother.

Grandma and Grandpa Star have got three grandchildren: one grandson, Simon, and two granddaughters, Suzy and me.

Q1:Where’s Stella? (She’s at school/in the classroom.)

Q2: What’s she doing? (She’s talking about her family tree to the


Q3: Has she got a brother? (Yes, she’s got a brother.)

Q4: How many sisters has she got? ( She’s got one sister.)

4. Listen, and say the letter.

This person’s taking a photo of his son. (e)

This person’s playing football with his uncle. (a)

This person’s reading a book to her daughter. (d)

This person’s playing a game with her aunt. (b)

This person’s painting a picture of her granddaughter. (c)

5. Listen and complete.

Grandma Star’s painting a picture of her ________. (granddaughter) Simon’s playing football with his_______. (uncle)

Mrs Star’s reading a book to her ______. (daughter)

Grandpa Star’s taking a photo of his ______. (son)

Stella’s playing a game with her ______. (aunt)

Mr and Mrs Star are Simon’s _______. (parents)

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