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吉的堡K1句型: one a tree all for me


eat a lot

don't get caught


good to eat

cheese and meat cold and sweet good for me brow to see\ lemon in my tea

cold and white noodles take a bite OX

Big and brow Lying down


Wears a crown Jumps so high In the sky Let’s all try Up

Up we grow Van

Drive it slow Watch Time to go DOX

Square and brown Up and down Zoo

Animal town Guava Kiwi

Lemon Noodles Van



Hi,I’m chevady.

I’m kelsy.

What”s your name? I’m paula.

Let’s play.


HI,hello!what’s your name?


Chevady?not here!

Good morning.

Hi,chevady,how are you? I’m fine.thank you.

Good-bye,mr wood. See you tomorrow.

Mommy,I’m home.

Good-bye! See you!

How are you? I’m great/not so good.

Happy birthday!

This is for you! Thank you.

How old are you? My dear friend? I’m four/I’m four years old. Are you ready? Not yet/ready.

Draw a nose!ok!

Point at your eyes.

Close your eyes/open your eyes.

Wash your hands, boys and girls.

Cake?no,thank you.

Here you are. Cookies,please.

Yummy,I like cookies.

Do you like icecream?

Yes,I do./Hey,me too/I like it,too.

More?yes,please/no,thank you.

See you tomorrow. Good-bye.\

Wait,cody,Your bag. Oh,I forgot.

Show me your cup.

Here it is.

Take out your markers./put away your markers.

Line up please. Let’s go.

It’s a red light. Stop!don’t walk.

It’s green. All right,let’s go!

What color is it? It’s red/an apple is red.

I like red/I don’t like black.

Oops!i’m sorry.

Are you ok? I’m ok.

Let me help you. Let’s move the table. Please move the chair. No problem.

In the classroom/Open the door/Close the window. Board,erase the board/Sweep the floor.

May I come in?yes,please come in.

May I go out? Sure.

Listen! What? What’s that? I don’t know.

Oh,it’s a duck.

What do you see? I see a dog.

Come here.

Go over there.

Come on. No,I’m cold/tired/sad/I’m hungry.

Who is happy? I’m happy.

Are you hungry? Yes/NO.

Let’s play a game. Yeah!

How about”simon says”? great!

Simon says,”run!”/sit down,please,uh-oh/chevady, you’re out.

Turn around/Touch the ground/raise your hands/put your hands down. Here comes the bus/hurry up! Run! Please don’t shout. Sorry,I’m late. That’s ok.

Please sit down here we go!

Please don’t run fight/Push/talk.

Careful,don’t push.

Go upstairs/go downstairs.

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