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High priority
More urgent Less pleasure

Lower priority
Less urgent More pleasure

Deadline is Set

False Sense of Security

Time Passes

Panic & Stress





“There are still 2 weeks until the assignment is due.”

“I have plenty “I will get started soon, I only work well under of time.”

“Oh no! The assignment is due tomorrow! ”

? Lack of time management or of knowing what needs to be done

? Underestimating the time required to finish the tasks
? Not having enthusiasm to do the work ? Lack of self-control /Can’t resist the temptation ? Perfectionism

? Addicted ? Guilty ? Stressful ? Anxious

? Unconfident

? 80%–95% of college students engage in

procrastination, approximately 75% considering themselves procrastinators.

Understanding why you delay working on your tasks
(You can try to find the answers from a few questions below)
? Do you put off everything or just a specific? ? Are you scared of failing? ? Are you just lazy?

? Make a realistic routine ? ? ?


everyday(a proper to-do list) Divide the task into smaller parts Work in an environment with minimal distractions. Seek social support (from positive role models) and make a public commitment. Give yourself a reward.

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