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Left-behind children

Q: Do you know how many children left behind in the rural areas of our country? A 15 million B 43 million C 89 million D 58 million

According to statistics, there are nearly 58 million children left behind in the rural areas of
our country。
Do you have any ideas about the huge number?

The problems
? 1.Psychological problems 2.Learning problems 3. Life issues 4. Social care shortage

1.Psychological problems
Guardianship (监护)or long-term intergenerational care parent, or even care of others, no monitoring, so that children left behind as the other kids did not care for their parents, the parents can not readily understand and grasp the child's psychological, ideological(思想上的) changes. This lack of affection for children to become withdrawn, depressed, and even a feeling of being abandoned, seriously affected the healthy development of the child's psychological.

? They live with their grandparents. ? Learning becomes a ? problem.

2.Learning problems
? Children learn to produce a indifferent attitude. The child's attention is not on learning, their behavior began to appear bias(使偏见), all beyond the moral rules of behavior in their children began to appear. Guardian of the children with their missing family the sympathy of the situation, so a little out of line in children's behavior will not be time to bundle, so that children deviate(脱离) from the track of healthy development in the direction of further and further away


3. Life issues
? Parents left, left-behind children and their guardians in the performance of the more prominent aspects of thrift, and in the diet, eat well is not luxury, and can eat on the line, will pay a little farm growing point.

They need our attention and helps.

They are so lovely, and their smiles are so beautiful.

4. Social care shortage
? Children are not left behind in both the warmth of family, social care has not the case, can only rely on their own understanding of life and social life and develop their own, so the moral decline, study bias, lack of psychological phenomena can not be in them appeared to avoid.

Q: What makes them so negative?

Examples of lonely suicide
? Anhui Taihu edge of a 12-year-old boy committed suicide shrine, leaving a suicide note said that he missed his parents who worked outside , before the affectionate kiss to accompany his grandfather.

They are also the flowers of our country.

Status of children left behind
? The report shows that all children left behind in rural areas, preschool (0-5 years old), primary school age (6-11 years old), middle-age (12-14 years old) and older (15-17 years) age group and the overall 4 The rates were 27.05%, 34.85%, 20.84% ?and 17.27%. Compulsory education in rural areas where about 3000 million children left behind. All children left behind in rural areas, boys account for 53.71%, girls accounted for 46.29%, male to female ratio was

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