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一、 listening:(听力)选择你听到的词,并“√”。(10分)

1. ( )A. pears ( )B. peaches

2. ( )A. tomatoes ( )B. potatoes

3. ( )A. house ( ) B. horse

4. ( )A. cat ( )B. mat

5. ( )A. bed ( )B. pen

二、 按听到句子的顺序填写序号。(10分)

( )I like rabbits

( )Hello! I'm Zhang Xin.

( )They are all my friends.

( )You can draw and I can write.

( )Run to the door.

三、 听单词,写序号。(10分)

boys_____ girls _______ desks______ chairs_____ doors______ windows_____ TVs_____ blackboards________ our_______ footballs_______

四、 连线。(10分)

fish vest umbrella ice-cream tree turtle frog hen elephant lamp

五、 单词连线。(10分)

Swim draw friend mouse pineapple

朋友 游泳 画 菠萝 老鼠 orange bedroom carrots onions banana

胡萝卜 桔子 卧室 香蕉 洋葱

六、 单词填空。(20分)

bo_k 书 p_n 钢笔 _pple 苹果 ba_an_ 香蕉 ora_ ge 桔子 mon_ey 猴子 r_bb_t 兔子 d_g 狗

h_s 他的 sh_ 她

七、 问与答。(10分)

( )1.What can you see? A. I like dogs.

( )2. What animals do you like? B.I can see two.

( )3. Do you like oranges? C. I can see a big book.

( )4. How many can you see. D. There's a pencil in my bag, ( )5. What's in your bag? E. Yes, I do.


( )1.Look! What are they? A. No! No!

( )2. What is it ? B. Good morning!

( )3. What are they doing? C. They’re rabbits

( )4. Good morning! D. It’s the letter Oo.

( )5. Some cake? E. They are making the letter Rr.

九、 句意连线。(10分)

1. Where is the apple? 来看电视吧!

2. Come and watch TV! 这是我的卧室。

3. This is my bedroom. 苹果在哪儿?

4. What's Bobby doing? 你能看见一间浴室。

5. You can see a bathroom. Bobby正在干什么?

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