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1.Сν transitions from kindergartens to primary school

2.ȫ comprehensive

3.ȫ淢չ all-round development

4.巢չ integral development

5.̬չ dynamical development

6. open

7. child care/nursing

8. education

9.׶ children public education

10.DAP=Developmentally Appropriate Practice ˷չԽ˼

11. age characteristics/feature

12.ص personal characteristics

13. take initiative

14.Լƻ flexible plan

15.ѧ project approach

16.ѧϰ cooperative learning

17.ģʽ modeling

18.ұλ state based

19.˱λ individual based

20.屾λ family based

21.ŷ׶ Reggio Emilia early childhood education

22.Ϸ game

23.ѧǰϷ pre-school game theory

24.ѧǰγ pre-school curriculum Theory

25.ѧǰѧ pre-primary education

26.ѧǰͯչѧ preschool children developmental psychology

27.԰γ kindergarten-based curriculum

28.׶ Infant mental health education

29.ӽ parenting

30.չ ZPD=zone of proximal development

31.άĻ Lev Vygotsky

32.Ŵ genetic factor

33. environmental factor

34.ķչ˳ Physical and mental development order

35. passiveness adj.passive

36. initiative/active

37.ʵǰ pull ahead appropriately

38.һѶ a certain degree of difficulty

39.ѧ learning by doing

40.׶ʦ Kindergarten teachers

41.Ա nurse

42.׼ Readiness

43. health


44.ϰ Habits and customs

45.Էչ social development

46. individuality

47.֪չ cognitive development

48.˼άչ thinking development

49. Physical Education

50.ɫϷ role play

51.Ϸ dramatic play

52.ṹϷ construction play

53.Ϸ riddle

54.ľϷ block play

55.Ϸ outdoor play

56.ʦ/ͯ view of teacher/children

57.ʵ educational practice

58. system

59.ͬ齻 peer interaction

60.Сѧ of primary school

e.g. In our country, the kindergarten education Primary school ofissue is very outstanding,the serious influence their health growth.


61. community

62.԰ kindergarten-family co-operation

63.ӡߵС The Little Girl at the Window

64. sensitive period

65.ؼ critical period

66.ʦ׻ teacher-kids interaction

67.ECCD=early childhood care and development Ӥ׶ڹ뷢չ

68. regional difference

69.ƽ fairness/equity

70. continuity

71.Ļ cultural setting

72. grouping method

73.ظ repetition

74.λ children's displacement ability

75. cradling

76.ж crawling

77.ѧ toddling

78.С bottom class

79.а middle class


80. upper class

81.ʦ kindergartener

82. autonomy

83. mixed age education

84.ǰѧǰĸ spirit of contemporary preschool education reform

85.ѧ teaching results and process

86.ʵˮƽ individual practical level

87.о education research

88.ԪĻ multicultural

89.˫ bilingual education

90.Ԫ Multiple Intelligence=MI/Multiple Quotient=MQ

91.Թ flexible management

92.ʦչ teacher development

93.רҵʵϰ Specialty Practice

94.ϰ Trainee

95.ಹ Disguised form of compensation

96.½ creative education

97.侲Դ treat calmly

98. life education

99.ֵ life value and meaning

100.̬Ⱥ attitudes and beliefs

101.֪˶׶ the perceptive stage

102.ǰ׶ pre-operation stage

103.׶ concrete operation stage

104.ʽ׶ formal operation stage

105.ͬ assimilation

106.˳Ӧ accommodation

107. democratic

108.ʽ heuristic teaching

109.䱻Ϊ transform passivity into initiative

110.ȽϽѧ Comparative Education

111.ʱ feedback in time

112. egocentricity ȥ de-egocentricity 113.ʶ Appreciative Teaching

114.׶ͽ children art appreciation education

115. field dependence

116. field independence

117.֪ cognitive style


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