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On May 22

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On May 22, 2014, 7, 50 have two unlicensed cars, in the xinjiang urumqi city in the buck park area north street one morning market crash the masses. Thug 2 car to drive through the protective isolation railing, impact roller compaction crowd, detonate explosive devices.

On May 22, 2014, 7, 50 of urumqi, xinjiang uygur autonomous region in the buck park area north street bombing morning market, causing casualties.

Xinjiang autonomous region and urumqi city authorities quickly disposal, all the injured have been sent to hospital. The case is under investigation.(原文:2014年5月22日7时50分许,有两辆无牌汽车,在新疆乌鲁木齐市沙依巴克区公园北街一早市冲撞群众。暴徒驾驶的2辆车冲破防护隔离铁栏,冲撞碾压人群,引爆爆炸装置。


新疆自治区和乌鲁木齐市有关部门迅速处置,伤员已全部送往医院救治。案件正在调查中。) As of May 24, 2014, has caused 39 innocent people were killed and 94 injured.

After the incident, the central committee of the communist party of China has made

important instructions. The ministry of public security launched the emergency response mechanism, Mr Bin led the team to xinjiang. Autonomous region and rapid disposal of the authorities in urumqi, half an hour after the incident the injured have been sent to the hospital.(事件发生后,中共中央作出了重要批示。公安部启动了应急机制,郭声琨带领工作组赶赴新疆。自治区和乌鲁木齐市有关部门迅速处置,事件发生半小时后伤员已全部送往医院救治。)

The case solved

On May 23, 2014, the case solved. Implement the violence will group a total of five

members, four site committing crimes of violence fear molecule was killed on the spot, to participate in planning another sudden fear of gang members in the evening of May 22 in xinjiang bazhou is captured, sudden death fear molecular identity has DNA tests.

Nur PiZi ahmatjan abramovich force, McGrady, McGrady carry bright, hot in wood river, McGrady, McGrady carry min · wheat chipped, ABU, to mention abdo cascades, Deere and others (both for xinjiang skin mountain man) long influenced by religious extremism, participate in illegal religious activities, listening to audio and video watching violent terror, initially formed at the end of 2013 5 people afraid of gangs. For terrorist violence crime, the group to buy the materials and commit crime vehicles, making explosive devices, the selected target. On May 22, 7 50 points, McGrady, McGrady carry Ming four gang

members such as violent and horrible crime.(2014年5月23日,案件告破。实施此案暴恐团伙共有5名成员,4名现场实施犯罪的暴恐分子当场被炸死,参与策划的另一名暴恐团伙成员于5月22日晚在新疆巴州被抓获,死亡暴恐分子的身份已经DNA检验认定。




1. Molecular why violence could constantly creates, undermine social stability?

The mob in the xinjiang region to launch terrorist attacks, the target is the Uighur population, this action will cause other nations in the Uighur ethnic antagonism, manufacturing ethnic separatist, make people panic and social unrest, to undermine national unity, friendly, harmonious and interference to make the division and confrontation of the society, benefit to mess that is planning the main purpose of the organization of the incident.



2 people how to deal with fear of attacks?

He, you and I, of ordinary citizens in the face of the subway, bus, airports, railway stations and other travel security formalities of "trouble", putting yourself working people's anti-terrorism situation instead of complaining about the security measures in "trouble", "not convenient" and "waste time", render is doing his contributing to sacrifice, terrorism. Do not believe a rumor, don't tale, consciously maintain good social order is for other ulterior motives, hype critical behavior of people ignored.



3. The country should be how to prevent such incidents?

Countries should strengthen public security measures, especially in crowded places continuously strengthening explosion-proof check, strengthening security forces, eliminate all violence could potential safety hazard, strengthen anti-terrorism drill, anti-terrorism plan anti-terrorist drills, strengthen the education of the masses anti-terrorism awareness, to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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