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子供の日 Japanese Children's Day

Festivals for children in Japan
June 1st is the International Children's Day.It is celebrated in some countries but not in Japan.Ther-e are 3 different festivals for children in Japan. March 3 is the girls'day, May 5 is the boy-s' day and November 15 is the children's day(753 day).

The first one is the 3rd of March.On this day parents of the girls put dolls on shrine in their house.
3月3日女孩节是专门为日本的小 女孩设立的 ,每到这一天,家中有女 儿的父母会在家里设置一个陈列台, 台上放上穿着日本和服的漂亮女娃娃 玩偶作为给自己女儿的节日礼物。

These dolls represent a royal (皇家) family in Japan. All parents want their children to grow strong and healthy.

Boys'Day happens on the 5th of May. On Boys' Day, the family who has son goes outside and flies huge carp-shaped streamers in their garden. On this day they don’t have to go to school. Only boys on this day wear something like famous warriors and other heroes.
5月5日是男孩节,为了祝福家中的男孩健康、快乐,这一天日 本家家户户都会用纸或布做成色彩鲜艳形状像鲤鱼的彩带,然后把 这些彩带串在竹竿上,并和金色的风车绑在一起,挂在屋顶上。之 所以这样做,是因为日本人相信鲤鱼最有精神和活力,这一天又称 为”鲤鱼日”。

鲤鱼旗 Koinobori

753 day
The third one is a holiday for all the children who are 3, 5 or 7 years old. On this day, children wear the traditional kimono and carry a paper bag. A pine, a tortoise, or a crane is usually printed on the bag. Children put sweets and toys in the bag.
11月15日是七五三“儿童节”在日本习俗里三岁、五岁和七岁 是小朋友特别幸运的三个年龄,所以每年的这一天会专门为这三个 年龄的孩子热闹地庆祝一番。这一天,小朋友会穿上最好的传统和 服,还会背上一个画了松树、乌龟或鹤等图案的小纸袋、纸袋里装 满了父母买的糖果和玩具。

The origin of the 753 day
The origin of the Festival is very interesting.In past many children died before age 3 . Japanese think whether their children could survive the childhood they could only know when the children reached the age 3 , Age 7 is regarded as a key time for children to turn their early childhood to the juvenile age . On November 15 , boys wear He style trousers and girls wear colorful kimono, parents lead them to the shrine to buy "Chitose sugar" to children.
这个节日的由来也很有趣。过去,3岁以前的儿童死亡率很 高。日本人认为,能否养育成人,3岁以后才见眉目,7岁则是从 幼儿向少年过度的关键年龄。11月15日这一天,男孩穿和式群裤, 女孩着色彩艳丽的和服,由父母领着到神社,买"千岁糖"吃。

由父母领着到神社祈福的小朋友 Parents led the children to the shrine to pra

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