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Your respectable traveler:

Welcome to China ,I am a student from Shaoyang College. Now I am making a survey on tourism development of West Street. Your support is very important in my investigation ,so please be as open and honest as possible.Thank you for your cooperation!

Questionnaire on tourism development of West Street Ⅰ.You main purpose of visiting Yangshuo West Street is :

1.Sightseeing __ 2 leisure/vacation ___ 3 business __

4 conference__ 5.health___ 6 study/exploration ___ 7 culture/scientific exchange___ 8 visit friends &relations___ 9 others___

Ⅱ.Where did you hear about Yangshuo?

1 through travel agency ___ 2 Internet___ 3 travel brochure___ 4 Television ___ 5 Newspaper/magazine ___ 6 through friends and relations___ 7 others__

Ⅲ.Which country are you from?___________________________

Ⅳ.You way of travel:

1 through travel agency ___ 2 independent traveler ___ 3 others__ Ⅴ.How did you come to Yangshuo West Street?

1. visiting Lijiang River by Pleasure boat via Yangshuo ___

2. by bus from Guilin ____ 3 others___________

Ⅵ.What is the main reason that you visit Yangshuo? Please choose the most important one and write it down here _______,then mark the others(marks between 0 to 4,0means the least important):

1.Yangshuo is the last station when visiting Lijiang River_______

2.The natural landscape and rural scenery of Yangshuo_______

3.Enjoying the West Street_______

4.learning local tradition and culture_______

5.talking with local people_____

6 other reasons not listed above____

Ⅶ.What do you like most on West Street? Please write it down here____, Then mark the others(marks between 0 to 4,0 means the worst):

1.Chinese food on West Street____ 2 Western food____

3.Chatting ,drinking with friends____ 4.shopping_______

5.learning Chinese culture &tradition_____ 6.others________ Ⅷ. How many times have you been to Yangshuo West Street?

1.once ___ 2.twice___

3.three to five times ___ 4.above six times___

Ⅸ.If this is your first time you come here, is West Street different


Your expectation?

1.yes ,it is better than my expectation ___

2.it is different ,but I like it too.___

3.no,it is just what I think ____

4 it disappoints me so much___

5.I have never heard of West Street before___

Ⅹ.If this is not your first time being here,are you satisfied with West Street this time?

1.yes ,it is better than that I felt last time ___ 2.just so so___

3.not good as before ___ 4. as good as before___

5.no ,it seems as bad as last time___

Among the following changes of West Street ,please tick those you think is true ,and cross those you don’t think it is the truth:

1 West Street becomes cleaner and more beautiful___

2 It is safer for shopping on West Street___

3 It becomes more commercial ___

4 The stores on West Street are more interesting___

5 West Street preserves traditional cultural well___

6 The prices level on West Street is rising___

7 there are more buildings round West Street which make it a bit crowded___ 8 other changes

XI What’s your impression about services on West Street? Please give your marks from 0 to 5, “5”means very good ,while “0”means very poor: 1 General Impression_____ 2 transportation______ 3 lodging_______

4.Chinese food____ 5 West food_____ 6 bars_____

7 entertainment___ 8 tour guide service ____ 9 safety ____

10 handicraft stores____

11 building style____

XII Do you stay over night at Yangshuo?

1 Yes__ 2 No__

If yes ,how many nights do you plan to stay on West Street?____________ You stay at:

1 hotel on the West Street__ 2 hotel in the town___

3.countryside inns ___4 friends/relations ’home ___ 5 others___

XIII Your average cost in Yangshuo this time is about ¥___ one person in a day?

XIV If it is possible ,will you come to West Street again?

1 yes,because__________________________________________

2 no,because___________________________________________

If you have any suggestions or complaints for tourism development of West Street ,please write it down below:

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your cooperation!

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