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自编任务型读写。curriculum reform helps graduates find jobs

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College students must be given the right skills to meet employers’ demands, so they have less trouble finding a job once they graduate.

Despite 2.89million new jobs created in China’s urban areas during the first three months this year, employment pressure for college graduates remained intense, said Yin Chengji, a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security(MOHRSS).

Yin called for higher education authorities to reform the existing college curriculum. The curriculum and teaching methods should be changed to increase college students’ skills and encourage new thinking.

Mo Rong, an expert on employment issues and deputy director of Labor Science Research Institute under the MOHRSS, said the most of the curriculums in Chinese universities put too much emphasis on theory while neglecting work-related skills.

“There was a mismatch between what graduates can offer and what most Chinese employers really need, ” Mo said, “I often hear employers complain about a shortage of people with the right skills. Universities in China often produce people who are good at memorizing existing facts rather than coming up with new ideas, who are good at executing(执行) orders rather than solving problems independently.”

He also offered a series of measures to help reach the goal, including more targeted and

6. related 7. creativity 8. change 9. encouraged 10. raise/ increase

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