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1. I am afraid that you won't be able to see the doctor for he __________________________ appointments this afternoon.

2. Plans for our vacation are beginning to __________________.

3. We will have to _________________ her invitation until we know whether we will be free Sunday night.

4. Whether he accepts the job greatly _______________ how much you will pay him

5. Sometimes we can ___________________the same result in completely different ways.

6. The hall __________________ choking clouds of smoke.

7. Whether they knew it or not, many great personalities followed these agreements_______________________.

8. And that _________________________what we see.

9. When they're allowed to ________________ oxygen, this energy is released as heat and light.

10. The bicycle ad team, which _________________________in recent years, is a unique scene along the street.


1. is fully occupied with 2. take shape 3. sleep on 4. depends on

5. arrive at 6. was filled with 7. to some degree 8. is representative of

9. combine with 10. has come into existence

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