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Tourist Sites in Kaifeng

From our school to Kaifeng City takes about three hours, the fare is 11 yuan. Kaifeng City's most famous attractions is the Qingming River Park, which is China's national 5A-class tourist attractions and China Intangible Cultural Heritage

It is based on realistic paintings painter zhangzeduan "painting" is modeled, according to "create a French" building standards, Song Pop Culture, customs, and ancient royal garden theme entertainment to visitors to participate

Focus on large-scale reproduction of the original Song Dynasty landscape scenery customs amusement park that recreates the ancient capital of the world-famous Millennium Bianjing

Qingming River Park ticket 100 yuan, a student card, then half price. In the garden there is a lot of variety of activities and programs, very suck the eye, as if we go through that era to enjoy the view. I really enjoyed it, like it

Opposite the Chinese Qingming River Park is John Park, covering 100 acres, is China's first and largest of a private Beilin. Its tickets

Inside the top ten attractions Beilang, John Park Lake, like human ancestor Emperor Xuan Yuan, Yang holy mountain, Imperial Palace. This place is also well worth a look, it gives the

Kaifeng City, I must mention is opening snacks, Kaifeng snacks are very famous steamed soup dumplings, bucket of chicken, crisp lotus Sam

opened the envelope four treasures, Bang Bang chicken, carp baked face, chrysanthemum pot large Beijing dates, Weishi noodle, ramen Kaifeng, double linen fire, sesame wings wings, etc., is too

We talk about opening clyster package it, the most famous is the first floor of Kaifeng, the century-old, 22 yuan a cage, delicious, and definitely worth tasting.

I strongly recommend to Kaifeng to play with, there really is a beautiful place to eat there to play, is a very good tourist destination.

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