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Unit 7 How much are these socks?

Section A (1a-2e)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌下列词汇:socks, T-shirt, shorts, sweater, trousers, shoe, skirt, dollar, big, small, short, long, woman, need, look, pair, take

2) 能掌握以下句型:

① —How much is this T-shirt? —It's seven dollars.

② —How much are these socks? —They're two dollars.

③ —Can I help you?

④ —Here you are. —Yes, please. —Thank you.

3) 能掌握在购物时的一些常用语言,并在真实或模拟的语境下,运用所学的语言进行交际。

2. 情感态度价值观目标:



1) 通过听、说、读的教学活动,让学生掌握表示衣服的英语名称以及描述衣服的形容词。

2) 通过对话表演让学生在较为真实的语境下,运用所学语言进行购物交际。


Ⅰ. Presentation

1. T: I like shopping a lot. Do you like shopping? Now come with me to the clothes shop.

(Show students a picture of a clothes shop and show the names of clothes in English)

2. T: So much for this. And then let's review the numbers and learn the words related to prices.

T: Can you count from 0 to 9 in English?

S: Yes. Zero, one, two, three, four, five…

Let some students repeat that. Show some pictures of food, drink, school things, sports things with prices on the screen.

Show some pictures of money from different countries, and ask students guess the names and teach them: yuan / dollar / pound. Then ask students about the prices. Help them answer.

T: How much is the ice cream?

S: It’s three dollars.

T: How much is the backpack?

S: It’s six dollars.

T: How much are the soccer balls?

S: They’re 9 dollars.

3. Ask the students to look at the picture on P41 and match the words with the things in the picture.

Check the answers by asking some students to read the words and the letters. Ⅱ Listening

1. T: Next we’ll hear a conversation about shopping. The recording will be played twice.

2. Check the answers. (Ask the students to listen to the recording and compare their answers with those in the recording.)

Ⅲ. Pair work

1. Ask students to work in pairs and practice the conversations in la.

2. Make their own conversations with their partners.

3. Ask some pairs to act out their conversations.

Ⅳ. Listening

1. Show students some colors by overhead projector.

T: These are different colors. What colors are they?

S: They are black, white, red, green, blue and yellow.

2. Show a big hat and a small hat.

T: Look! This hat is big. It's a big hat. And this hat is small. It's a small hat. (Write "big" and "small" on the Bb.)

3. Show a long T-shirt and short T-shirt.

T: Look! This T-shirt is long. It's a long T-shirt. And this T-shirt is short. It's a short T-shirt.

(Write "long" and "short" on the Bb.)

4. Now look at words in 2a. Listen to the recording and repeat after the recording. (Play the tape for the Ss listen and repeat.)

Ⅴ. Listening

1. Ask the students to do listening to the conversations in 2b (P38) and circle the things they hear.

2. Ask students to listen and repeat after the recording.

Ⅵ. Pair work

1. Then let's ask and answer questions about the things in 2c in pairs. e.g. S1: I like these shorts. How much are they?

S2: They're six dollars.

2. Ss practice the conversation with their partners. Then make other conversations about the things in 2c.

3. Let some Ss act out their conversations.

Ⅶ. Role-play

1. Mary is shopping in a clothes shop. What does she want to buy? Now read the conversation and fill in the chart below.

2. Check the answers with the class. Ss practice the conversation with his/her partner. Then let some pairs role-play the conversation in front of the class.


1. Ask students to remember the new words.

2. Ask the students to do more practice as required in 1c on P37.

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