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The castle in Denmark

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My memory of Denmark
When we talk about the Denmark, we will think of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale(安徒生童话), this is our precious memories of our childhood. such as <The emperor's new suit> <The thumb girl> <The ugly duckling> <The mermaid princess>.

Kronborg Slot
克隆堡宫,Kronborg Slot is located in the north west island hermes singh (赫耳辛格) in the city of the sea, it stands for the “palace” of the crown, was founded in 1574, completed in 1585. Hamlet is one of the most famous books of Shakespeare. The prince?s revenge just happened in this place.

弗雷登斯堡, It is located in a quiet village, named "HePingGong“.In 1720 Denmark's king Fred ricks iv built it to commemorate the end of the war with Sweden over the years ,it took 50 years to finish the palace.

Frederikborg Castle

? 菲德烈堡宫The palace was finished in 1625, There are 60 halls in it. It was called “Versailles”.It is The Renaissance style of architecture.In 1878, it was renamed the national history museum.

The end .thank you.

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