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The cardboard furniture design under low carbon economy

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The cardboard furniture design under low carbon economy

作者:WEI Xiaohui


Abstract. This paper presents the furniture design in the face of resource, energy consumption and environment accelerate the lasting damage to low carbon economy circumstances, human face the challenges of survival, should consider how to meet the low carbon era of mankind to the

demand for the use of green furniture. Through the low carbon economy society demand, I think the current board furniture is under low carbon economy best green furniture, in the current,the cardboard furniture design of the low carbon times in addition to meet the use function, we should pay more attention to environmental protection and resource utilization, reduce the damage to the environment, with cardboard furniture design scientifically, reduce waste.

Key words: Low carbon;Green;Cardboard furniture

1.Low carbon economy

1.1The concept of the Low carbon economy

Low carbon economy refers to minimize coal oil and other high carbon energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the concept of sustainable development under the guidance, through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial transformation, new energy development and other means, to achieve economic and social development and ecological environmental protection as a win-win economic development patterns.

Low carbon economy is a kind of low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission based economic model, and it’s a change life style and values of the global revolution by the expert thinks. The development of low carbon economy, one side is a positive commitment to protect environment responsibility; the other is to adjust the economic structure, improve energy

efficiency, and construct of ecological civilization. Then, the " green revolution" by the relevant countries and people put forward the UN initiative and guide to protect the earth's environment, protection of natural resources of the in the production, circulation and consumption areas emerge as the times require, and gradually sweeping the world.

1.2 The characteristics of the Low carbon economy

The characteristics of the Low carbon economy is reduce to greenhouse gas emissions, and building a economy development system based on low energy consumption, low pollution,

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