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高二英语单词记忆方法之集锦 高二(4)班

单词多样记忆法之《词语串串连》 1.alarm, replace, retire, fit, fire, reservation, hire, hobby, experienced, facilities, view

Jim is an experienced engineer,who is hired by a facilities company.And his hobby is traveling to view beautiful scenery.However,he loves traveling so much that he often delayed his work.Though alarmed many times,he persisted in his old ways.One day,he asked for a 3-day off and made a reservation to travel to another province,but he came back until seven days later.When he went to face his boss,the boss spoke angrily:"We all know that you are not fit for the occupation,and we have found a person to replace you.In other words,you are fired."So Jim has to retire early.


2.enthusiastic, correct, attitude, change, disappointing, method, progress, amaze, assistant The enthusiastic teenager corrected his attitude towards his academic studies, changing his disappointing method of study, and made great progress, which amazed all the assistants.


3.embarrass, information, bore, impress, public

The embarrassing information on the website made all the previous professionals bored with it, which impressed the public.


这种单词记忆法可是最具挑战性的哦,使用的时候要注意单词的搭配与变形的哦!加油! 1

高二英语单词记忆方法之集锦 高二(4)班


application, try out for, arrange, applicant, subscribe, mass, applaud, let out, wear out, reward Playing basketball is beneficial to our health, so on hearing the school was going to organize a basketball game, many students filled in the applications and wanted to try out for it. The headmaster arranged for a PE teacher to select from them. The teacher wanted to divide all the applicants into four groups to play. The students all subscribed to it. Masses of the other students came to watch the game. When the players scored a goal, they applauded. At last twelve students were chosen. Li Ming was among them. When his name was called, he let out a cry of joy. Although the game wore him out, he thought it rewarding.


这种单词记忆法可是最具挑战性的哦,使用的时候要注意单词的搭配与变形的哦!加油! 2

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