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新天鹅堡 (2)

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New Swan Stone Castle

? Time:1869-1886 ? Located:Germany Bavaria ? Creator: King Ludwig II ? 360 rooms,just 14 were finished competely ? the model of Disney Castle

About the King
? not good at politics ? artistic ? sad love story about second cousin ,Sissi ? dream a fairytale world ? design by himself ? dead in 1886

Hall of the Singers

? ? ? ?

The largest room of the palace The 27 metres by 10 metres located in the eastern In the fourth floor above the king's lodgings.

Throne Room

?15 meters high ?20 meters long floor was decorated with ellipse Such as the shape of the earth ?Opening time: April to October, 8:30 a.m5:30 p.m, November to March 10-4

Give the inspiration Modern fairy tale castles: 1. The United States to Disneyland in California and Hongkong Disneylands'Sleeping Beauty Castle 2.The magic kingdom of Cinderella's castle of Disneyland Tokyo 3. many cartoons'castles

The Red Corridor

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