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Danny is a little pig丹尼是只小猪

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A Little Pig

Zhucheng Xiangzhou School

Danny is a little pig. He is unhappy because he wants to leave home to see the world.

It’s a sunny day. Danny goes away when his parents are sleeping. On his way he meets an elephant, a peacock and a rabbit. At last, he gets to a lake. He looks at his reflection in the water. He says, “I wish I have an elephant’s nose, a peacock’s tail and a rabbit’s ears.” After a while, Danny’s wish comes true. He runs back excitedly.

But his parents can’t recognize Danny, “Go away, you’re not our son.” Danny goes to the lake again. “I just want to be a pig.” He says sadly. Danny waits and waits. He becomes a pig again.

Danny runs back quickly. His parents hug and say, “This is our lovely baby.”

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