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英文儿歌English songs for children

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English songs for children


① Do you have any favorite songin your childhood?

② Will itbring you any memories?

③ What role will music play in your period of grown-up

Teddy bear, teddy bear

Hokey pokey

pat a cake

rain, rain, go away

this is the way

wheels on the bus

Are you sleeping


Twinkle twinkle little star

Five little ducks

London bridge


Row row your boat

1. Mockingbird 2. London Bridge 3. Bingo

4. Clementine 5. Red River Valley 6. Row row row your boat

7. Ding Dong Bell 8. Just for you 9. You are my sunshine

10. Thumbelina 11. I'm A Little Teapot 12. Alouette

13. Twinkle twinkle little star 14. It's a small world 15. With Apologies to Mother Goose

16. Yankee Doodle 17. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 18. Polly Wolly Doodle

19. Pop! Goes the weasel 20. Puff the Magic Dragon 21. Pussy Cat Pussy Cat

22. Put Your Finger On Your Nose 23. Sailing Medley 24. Shoo fly don t bother me

25. Shortnin Bread 26. Skip to my Lou 27. Swanee River

28. Sweet Betsy from pike 29. Take me out to the ball game 30. Ten Little Indians

31. The Bare Necessities 32. The Bear Went over the mountain 33. The Blue-tail fly

34. The Chicken Dance 35. The Dump Truck song 36. The famer in the dell

37. The Green Grass Grew all around 38. The Hokey Pokey 39. The mail must go through

40. The man on the flying trapeze 41. The Marvelous Toy 42. The sidewalks of New York

43. The Teddy Bear's Picnic 44. The Unicorn 45. The wabash Cannonball

46. The Wheels On The Bus 47. There s a hole in my Bucket 48. There was an old lady

49. There's a Bear in There 50. This Old Man


It's a small world 美丽小世界 (...经典儿歌,被翻译成各国语言)


Ten Little Indians 十个印第安小男孩 (歌词超简单,学数数的时候学的)


Row, row,row your boat 小船摇啊摇 (歌词超简单,节奏很可爱)


In the good, old summertime 在曾经美好的夏日时光中 (浪漫型的)


The man on the flying trapeze (非常经典的美国儿歌,看过克拉克盖博演的一夜风流,都对这歌印象颇深吧。)


Twinkle, twinkle, little star 小星星(一闪一闪亮晶晶,漫天都是小星星...)


Brother John (两只老虎两只老虎)


DO RE ME (音乐之声里的经典歌曲,谐音真的是很有趣)


Old Macdonald (就是那个什么什么 咿呀咿呀哟~)


We wish you a merry christmas 祝你圣诞快乐


If you're happy 如果高兴的话你就拍拍手 (小时候学的)

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