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Welcome to my class !

Unit 10-16

Please open your books
Let's read it.

go bike-riding

go swimming

go skating

watch TV

play hide-and-seek

play computer games

play football

A:What do you like to do on New Year's Day? B:I like to go bike-riding.

Panda Pandy

Teddy Bear


A:Hello,Panda Pandy glad to meet you!

B:Hello,Teddy Bear glad to meet you,too

Hello, this is Li Ping.

Who is he?

Who is he? He is Bill


Who is he? He is Sam.

Who is she?





What is red?

The car is red.

read and match

This is a school.

Which is a school?

How many lions can you see?

I can see three.

How many pandas are there?

There are six.

give 给 me 我

Give me a......
Give me an......

Give me a "T". Give me a "R". Give me an "E". Give me an "A".

What have you got?

I have got 4 tigers.

Make sentence

What does Kim want for a new year present?

What has she got then? She wants a doll.

She’s got a mirror.

1.复习10到16单元,熟读课文。 2.口语:(1)Who is he/she? He/She is.... (2)How many lions can you see?I can see three. (3)Which is school? This is a school.(4)What have you got? I have got four tigers.(5)What do you like to do on New Year's Day? I like to go...


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