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English for Fun
Liantang NO.1 Senior High School ----- Heyuting

Brief Introduction
? Question to think about How many countries are there in the world in which English is spoken as the first language? Give the names. ? Answers:
? ? the UK the Republic of Ireland the USA Canada Australia New Zealand

1. the UK 2. the Republic of Ireland 3. Australia 4. New Zealand 5. the USA 6. Canada

What is the full name Of the UK?

the UK = England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland


the Republic of Ireland Wales England

Let’s enjoy some pictures

of the United Kingdom.
Do you know them?

The British Museum 大英博物馆

Big Ben 大本钟

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

St. Paul’s Cathedral 圣保罗大教堂

Westminster Abbey 威斯敏斯特教堂

Royal Observatory Greenwich 格林威治天文台

Tower Bridge 塔桥

Stonehenge 巨石阵

London Eye

The River Thames 泰晤士河

Some cities in the United Kingdom Oxford

Cambridge University 剑桥大学

A: The United States of America B: Usually stupid and annoying

Alaska United States Hawaii


Statue of Liberty

White House

President Hill

? The four presidents are George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Theodore Roosevelt , Abraham Lincoln.

United Nations Headquarters

Broadway Theater District
? The billboard of the Winter Garden Theater on the Avenue of the American in New York City advertises the Broadway show Cats.

Golden Gate Bridge

Yellow Stone National Park

The Niagara Falls
? It lies on the Niagara River.

? 1、美国的绰号是______, ? 英国的绰号是______. ? A. Aunt Sam, Uncle John ? B. New Continent, Great Britain ? C. Washington,Elizabeth ? D. Uncle Sam, John Bull

Just for fun ^.^ Different types of Uncle Sam

Christmas Sam

Olympic Sam

Soldier Sam

Cowboy Sam

Superman sam

Worker Sam

Dog Sam

Micky Sam

2、中央电视台屏幕上经常会有CCTV 的字样,它的完整形式是______. A.China Central Television B.Central CommunicationTelevision C. China Control Television D. Central Committee Television

3、What has two legs but can't walk? compass (圆规) 4、What is yours ,but is used by others more than by yourself? Your name

5、What?s the Chinese for “six of one and half a dozen of the other?” A. 六分之一 B. 人云亦云 C. C.半斤八两 半斤八两 D.见一面分一半

6、改换一个字母变成新单词 ever march store even match story

7、How do English people call “钞票”?

A、 bill

B、 note


8. ____ is the largest state in area in the U.S.A.

A. Florida

B. Louisiana

C. Alaska


9. Who is the President of America now?

Bill Clinton


George W. Bush

George H.W. Bush


Barack Obama

10. Which is the national animal of the UK?

A. Beaver 海狸

B. Redbreast 知更鸟

C. Bald eagle 秃头鹰

11. Which belongs to the UK?

Statue of Liberty

Eiffel Tower

Big Ben


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