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孩子是我们的未来,但是不可忽视的是,在世界上的某些地区,儿童过早死亡问题依然严峻。 In recent years, the world has made progress in reducing deaths among children under the age offive. A new report says an estimated six-point-nine million children worldwide died before their fifthbirthday. That compares to about twelve million in nineteen ninety. The report says child mortality rates have fallen in all areas. It says the number of deaths is downby at least fifty percent in eastern, western and southeastern Asia. The number also fell in NorthAfrica, Latin America and the Caribbean. The World Bank and three United Nations agencies worked together on the report. The three arethe U.N. Children’s Fund, the World Health Organization and the U.N. Population Division.

Ties Boerma is head of the WHO’s Department of Health Statistics and Informatics. He says mostchild deaths happen in just a few areas. TIES BOERMA:

“Sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia face the greatest challenges in childsurvival. More than eighty percent of child deaths in the world occur in these two regions. Abouthalf of child deaths occur in just five countries -- India, which actually takes twenty-four percent ofthe global total; Nigeria, eleven percent; the Democratic Republic of Congo, seven percent;Pakistan, five percent and China, four percent of under-five deaths in the world.” Ties Boerma notes that, in developed countries, one child in one hundred fifty-two dies before hisor her fifth birthday. But south of the Sahara Desert, one out of nine children dies before the ageof five. In Asia, the mortality rate is one in sixteen. The report lists the top five causes of death among children under five worldwide. They arepneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and problems both before and during birth.

Tessa Wardlaw is with the U.N. Children’s Fund. She is pleased with the progress being made inSub-Saharan Africa. The area has the highest under-five mortality rate in the world. But she saysthe rate of decline in child deaths has more than doubled in Africa. TESSA WARDLAW:

“We welcome the widespread progress in child survival, but we importantlywant to stress that there’s a lot of work that remains to be done. There’s unfinished business andthe fact is that today on average, around nineteen thousand children are still dying every dayfrom largely preventable causes.” The World Health Organization says one way to solve these problems is to make sure health careservices are available to women. In this way, medical problems can be avoided or treated whenidentified. We have placed a link to the report on our website, voaspecialenglish.com.

And that’s the VOA Special English Health Report. I’m Christopher Cruise.





博尔玛是世界卫生组织卫生统计和信息部主任,他说大部分儿童死亡发生在少数地区。 博尔玛:“撒哈拉以南非洲和南亚在儿童生存方面面临的挑战最大,全世界5岁以下死亡的儿童中有超过80%的就在这两个地区。近一半的死亡发生在五个国家:印度,占总死亡数的24%;尼日利亚,占11%;刚果民主共和国,7%;巴基斯坦,5%;中国,4%。” 博尔玛指出,在发达国家,每152名儿童中有一名死于5岁以下。但撒哈拉以南沙漠地区每9名儿童就有一名死于5岁以下。在亚洲,死亡率是1/16。


Tessa Wardlaw就职于联合国儿童基金,她很高兴看到撒哈拉以南非洲取得了进步。该地区5岁以下儿童死亡率是全世界最高的,但她说,非洲儿童死亡率已翻倍下降。

Tessa Wardlaw:“我们乐意看到全世界儿童生存方面取得的进展,但我们想强调的重要一点是,还有很多工作要做。这是一项未竟的事业,事实是,现在全世界平均每天有1.9万名儿童死去,而这原本是可以预防的。”



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