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Can you have a challenge? What’s the weather like today?Today is a sunny/ cloudy day.
What day is it today?
Would you like an apple? What’s your favourite fruit? What would you like, Sir/Miss? Have you got an eraser? Do you like blue? Has he got an apple? Today is Sunday. Yes ,please./No, thanks. My favourite fruit is… I want some…. Yes ,I have./No ,I haven’t. Yes ,I do./No,I don’t. Yes ,he has./ No, he hasn’t.

Greeting and Warming Up

Family, family, a big family. Dad, mum, grandpa. Mickey, niece, grandma. Family, family, a big family.
What’s four plus five?

Unit 11

How many people are there in your family? Who are they? What are they doing now?

drink tea 喝茶

read a newspaper 看报 纸

read a book 看书

water flowers 浇花

watch TV 看电视

hold a doll 抱娃娃

Who is he?

He is my grandpa



What is he doing?

He’s drinking tea.

Who is she? She is my grandma. grandmother

What is she doing?

What is she doing ?

She is reading a newspaper .

Who is he?

He is my dad .


What is he doing?

He’s watching TV.

Who is she?

She is my mum .


What is she doing? She is watering the flowers.

Who is she?

She is daughter .

What is she doing?

She’s holding a doll.

Who is he?

He is son.

He is son .

Who is it? It is Mickey. What is it doing? It is eating fish .

Who is he?

He is cousin.

He is nephew. She is niece.

My family There are ____people in my family.

They are my grandpa,grandma,father,

___,___,____and____.Look! My grandpa

is reading a newspaper.My grandma is is____________.My father is________.
I love my family.


hgdauret →→ daughter

nehpwe →→ nephew
sincuo →→ cousin




randgam→→ grandma

This is my father.

This is my father. his father. her father.

--Is this your grandma? --Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t. --这是你的奶奶 吗? --是的,她是。 /不,她不是。

--Is that your Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t. grandma? ----那是你的奶奶 吗? --是的,她是。/ 不,她不是。

/ u/

look hood hook goose root book good cook foot zoo




wood wool

spoon food cool

boot moon pool

a, e,
A【 ? E【 e I【i O【 ? U【 ? [ u


o, u ,
rat egg nib got gum

】 bag, hat, cap, mat, 】 bed, met, leg, hen, 】 Bill , pig, hit, sit, 】 fox, box, mop, not, 】 hut, but, mutt, gut, ] put, push, pull,

? 开音节:以a/e/i/o/u+辅音字母+e(不发音)结尾 时,发字母本音: ? A【 ei 】 bake, hate, cake, mate, ? E【 i: 】 be , she, he, me, ? I 【 ai 】 mike , hike, hite, site, mike ? O【 ?u 】 note, bote, hole, close ? U【 ju: 】 huge, mute, fume, cute,

1 Listen and read:U11 two times a day 2 Write: My family 3 Dictation : P98 U11单词 4 Signature

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