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Public class ’s teaching procedure

Part1. Before class (10min)

First. When parents take children to our school,teachers welcome and ask children’s name

,then decide the children’s name. Take them to classroom and sit down

Second. Teacher communicate with children ( name and old )

Third. Roll call

Part2. Begin class

Section one(15min)

First. Greetings “hello, goog morning”(1min)

Second. Warm up “a b c”letter game(5min)

Third. Teaching a song (9)

Section two(25min)

Teaching content: “What’s your name?” ”My name is.......”

First. Role play (A act Star, and B act rabbit Stella) (1min )

Second Teaching words : name ( mouth lip game) / your name /my name ( gesture change game) (8min)

Third Role play agin ( A and B) (1min)

Fourth Students thinking the meaning of the sentences(1min)

Fifth practice sentence : ”My name is.......” (using lucky ball to make a completed sentence) (4min)

A check it ( ake and answer) (2min)

“What’s your name?” ( music chair)(5min)

Part3. Class over (10min) A and B check it (loden bridge)( 3min)

First . B introduce Starship English book(7min)

Second. A and B call students to come into our Starship English family .(1min)

Third. A and B teacher bring students to sing the song.(3min)

Teacher:A and B


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