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王式拼读英语提高三期末考试试卷 Name: Class: Score:


一、Listen and choose听录音选单词(20分)

( ) 1 A. hello B. his C. her

( ) 2 A. name B. nice C.nose

( ) 3 A. meet B. morning C.mouth

( ) 4 A. what B. who C welcome

( ) 5 A. Billy B. book C. bag

( ) 6.A. this B. that C.it

( ) 7.A. bag B. pen C.pencil

( ) 8.A. son B. ruler C.he

( ) 9.A. father B.mother C.and

( ) 10.A.red B.cat C.grass

二. Listen and mark 听录音标顺序(10分)

( ) Nice to meet you. ( ) How are you?

( ) Good morning! ( ) My name is Judy.

( ) What's your name?


1, A: My name is Judy. B: My name is Billy.

2, A: It’s a pen . B: It’s a pencil.

3, A: I’m fine. B: Yes, I do

4, A:How’s your sister? B : How are you?

5, A: Here you are. B: You are welcome.


一、Translation翻译(20分) 1, hello 2, pencil 3, sister 4, eye 5, father 6, I'm Judy. 7,Excuse me 8, Thank you.

9,What’s this? 10, Happy birthday! 11, blue 12, red 13, pen 14, pink 15,yellow 16,chair 17,robot 18, watch 19, You`re welcome 20,See you later

二,语法选择题 (10分)

1,( )This _____my map.

A: is B: are C : am

2, ( ) Look_____ my picture , Peter.

A: at B: in C: on

3, ( ) What’s ______name? ------Judy

A: her B: his C: I

4, ( ) Those______our pens.

A: is B: are C: am

5, ( )How____is your sister ----He is five.

A: old B: young C: little

6, ( ) Billy: This box is -----you.

Judy: Thank you

A: to B: for C: at

7, ( ) ----What color is it? -----________

A: It’s a book B: It’s OK C: It’s black

8,( )_____is your sister? ---- She is OK.

A: How B: What C: Who

9, ( )____she?

----She is my mother.

A: Who’s B: How’s C: What’s

10, ( ) Happy birthday to you. ----________

A: Thank you B: Thanks you C: You’re welcome

三. 情景交际。(10分)

1, 当你想知道朋友名字时,你应该怎样问?

you? A What`s this? B, What`s your name? C, How are


A, How are you? B, How old is your mother ? C, How`s your mother?


A,What`s this? B, What color is it? C, What are they? 4,你想知道这支笔是否是乐乐的,应该问:

A ,Is this your pen, Le Le ? B, This is your pen ,Le Le. C,It`s a pen ,Le Le.

5 当别人夸奖你时,你应该说:

A,Thank you, B, No, it isn`t C, Just

四. Finish the following matching连线(20分)

1,Good morning! Miss Wang !

2,Nice to meet you, too !

3师! ,Excuse me ! 到你4, Happy birthday to you ! 了 5,Goodbye, Class ! 么?6,Here you are ! 7,Open it and see. 图片。8,What`s in the box?

9,It`s black and white. 色。10,Look at my picture, so so 再见,同学们! 祝你生日快乐。 早上好,王老我也很高兴见对不起,打扰盒子里是什给你。 看着我的打开看看。 它是黑白

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