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Good morning, everyone. Today the topic of my presentation is memories of our childhood.

Since we all belong to post-90s generation, I guess we must share some similar memories of our childhood.

读诗 when we look back on……

Today I want to serve as a tour guide, leading you to recall our childhood together. Hope you can enjoy the journey! Now, let’s begin.

Our first stop is ---“snacks”.

Are you familiar with these? The first is Wowo toffee, next are colorful sugars like watermelon but in mini form. Sorry but I forget its name, do you know how to call them …

Okay, beside them are haw slices.

Also, the magic pop sugars, it is very interesting that when we put them on our tongue, they will jump and let out the sound like firecrackers. So it’s also named crackling candy.

Next is our old friend---ice bar and Huahuadan, which are small black grains. They taste sour and sweet. Have you eaten this?

Next come the cotton candy , the sticky-teeth sugar, Tangseng’s meat, and an old brand soft drinks---Jianlibao.

The second stop is---“games”.

The first is……I remember we should write characters on the paper and ask a buddy to choose which side he wants, if he is unlucky to choose the one written with mocking words, he will get tricked.

The second game is rubber game skipping, girls like this.

The third one is hopscotch.

Next is making paper airplanes.

The fifth is game of chicken. The eagle preys on chickens. Also the Cat’s cradle, I play this with my fellows very often.

The last two are spinning top and slingshot.

Actually, there are many other games. What else can you remember?

I list a few more, for instance, blowing bubbles, yo-yo, stamping seals and flipping hoodles.

Okay, here we arrive at the third stop---“cartoons”.

Are you familiar with these?

For example, the Calabash brothers, Captain black cat, astro boy, the lion king, smart Yixiu…

The last stop is concerning “studies”.

You see, these are our old edition Chinese and Maths textbooks.

The following are illustrations attached to our books, for example, the leaning tower

of Pisa…and his picture is from Si Maguang smashed the jar.


Also, the great friendship between Marx and Engels. The next one is from “Weigh the elephant”, do you still remember this? This is 曹操 and this is his son 曹冲. Okay, this is the end of our journey. (Do you enjoy yourself?)

On reflection, what I want to say is that the memories…..

Just as a song goes, “we are all children”. However old we are, I wish the good part in children can be retained, such as a loving heart, warm and innocent smiles, curiosity and purity, etc.

Life itself is a journey, hope you enjoy yourself all the time!

Thank you for your attention!

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