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3L看听学 Lesson29-30

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hand /h? nd/
green hand 生手,新手 hand in hand 手拉手

clean /kli:n/干净的
做动词时:把......弄干净 如:clean the window.

dirty/'d?:ti/ 脏的

show/∫?u/ 出示,显示

go/g?u/ 去 go shopping 反义词 :come 去购物

wash /w?∫??/ 洗

towel/'tau?l/ 毛巾

hand 手 clean 干净的 show 出示,显示 they 他们 dirty 脏的

go 去 wash 洗 once 曾经 at once 立刻 towel 毛巾

老师问:Are your hands clean,...? 这个学生迅速回答: Yes,my hands are clean. 并迅速问另一个同学,依次问下去,反应慢 的要一口气把这个句子读十遍。

show sb sth 展示给某人某物

aren't =are not 表示否定

They're=They are

警察抓小偷: 学生大声读句子,一个学生只有 口型没有声音,一个学生当警察 找出这个学生。

come and meet来见见 open and see 打开看看


去洗go 和wash表示两种动作,中间用and连接


1.Mother: Are your hands clean,Sandy? Sandy: Yes,my hands are clean,Mum. 2.Mother: Show me your hands,Sandy. 3.Mother: Your hands aren't clean. They're very dirty! 4.Mother: Go and wash your hands at once! Sandy: All right,Mum. 5.Mother: Are your hands clean now,Sandy? Sandy: Yes,they are,Mum. Mother:Sandy!Look at my nice clean towel!

They are ...

20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred

new 新的
clean 干净的 small 小的 light 轻的

old 旧的
dirty 脏的 big 大的 heavy 重的

long 长的

short 短的

Look at ... 看看... They are ... 他们/它们/她们是...

一.选择。 ( )1.Are your___(双手)clean? A.hand B.hands C.towel ( )2.___me your hands. A.shows B.Show C.Shows ( )3.They are very___(脏的). A.clean B.good C.dirty ( )4.All___(好吧). A.right B.good C.bad ( )5.Go and wash your hands at ___! A.once B.clean C.dirty 二.根据要求进行句型转换。 Yes are 1.-Are your hands claen? (作肯定回答) -____,they ____. are 2.Your hands aren't clean.(变为肯定句) Your hands_____clean. not _____. clean 3.Your hands are dirty!(变为同义句) Your hands are_____ 三.阅读理解。 It's a picture of the teachers' room.Some books are on the teachers' desk. They're heavy. The teachers can't carry(搬运)them. Sue and Tom help the teachers.On the floor you can see some boxes. They're empty. They want to put the books in the boxes. ( )1.Whose room is it? A.Sue and Tom's B.The writer's C.The teachers' ( )2.What are on the teachers' desks? A.a book B.some books C.some boxes. ( )3.Are the books light? A.Yes,they are. B.No,they aren't. C.They're empty. ( )4.What are in the boxes? A.Books B.Boxe. C.Nothing ( )5.Where are the boxes? A.On the desks. B.On the books C.On the floor.

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