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My Opinions on Gulliver’s Travels


Abstract: Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", the novel spicy Satires and Humors, quirky imagination and exaggeration, describes the passion for sailing adventure Gulliver, four degrees travel around the world, has experienced large and small, thrilling and interesting adventure.

This entry mainly includes the introduction for the author Jonathan Swift and his writing background. As well as the various characters in Gulliver's travels character analysis and what the author wants to express through the character in the story. Also write the style of the works and the author's writing style. Finally I talked about my own views and harvest. (斯威夫特的《格列佛游记》,小说以辛辣的讽刺与幽默、离奇的想象与夸张,描述了酷爱航海冒险的格列佛,四度周游世界,经历了大大小小惊险而有趣的奇遇。我的这篇读后感主要包括了对于作者Jonathan Swift 的简介和他的写作背景。以及格列夫游记中各种人物的性格分析和作者想通过这些人物的故事来表达什么情感。还写了作品的写作手法和作者的写作风格。最后我谈了一下自己的看法和收获。)

Key Words :

voyage 航程

background 背景



Recently I read a novel called “Gulliver’s Travels’. As far as I am concerned, it is a very fantastic book and it gives people an adventurous feeling to read the novel. Before I read the novel, I really didn’t know anything about the author of this novel. But after I have read the novel, I learned that the author of this novel is Jonathan Swift, who was born in 1667. According to what I learned from the book, Jonathan Swift was brought up by his uncle.

One of the most interesting questions about Gullivers Travels is whether the Houyhnhnms represent an ideal of rationality or whether on the other hand they are the butt of Swift's satire. In other words, in Book IV, is Swift poking fun at the talking horses or does he intend for us to take them seriously as the proper way to act? If we look closely at the way that the Houyhnhnms act, we can see that in fact Swift does not take them seriously: he uses them to show the dangers of pride.

First we have to see that Swift does not even take Gulliver seriously. For instance, his name sounds much like gullible, which suggests that he will believe anything. Also, when he first sees the Yahoos and they throw excrement on him, he responds by doing the same in return until they run away. He says, "I must needs discover some more rational being," even though as a human he is already the most rational being there is. This is why Swift refers to Erasmus Darwins discovery of the origin of the species and the voyage of the Beagle-to show how Gulliver knows that people are at the top of the food chain. But if Lemule Gulliver is satirized, so are the Houyhnhnms, whose voices sound like the call of castrati. They walk on two legs instead of four, and seem to be much like people. As Gulliver says, "It was with the utmost astonishment that I witnessed these creatures playing the flute and dancing a Vienese waltz. To my mind, they seemed like the greatest humans ever seen in court, even more dextrous than the Lord Edmund Burke" . As this quote demonstrates, Gulliver is terribly impressed, but his admiration for the Houyhnhnms is short-lived because they are so prideful. For instance, the leader of the Houyhnhnms claims that he has read all the works of Charles Dickens, and that he can singlehandedly recite the names of all the Kings and Queens of England up to George II. Swift subtly shows that this Houyhnhnms pride is misplaced when, in the middle of the intellectual competition, he forgets the name of Queen Elizabeths husband.

Swifts satire of the Houyhnhnms comes out in other ways as well. One of the most memorable scenes is when the dapple grey mare attempts to woo the horse that Guenivre has brought with him to the island. First she acts

flirtatiously, parading around the bewildered horse. But when this does not have the desired effect, she gets another idea: "As I watched in amazement from my perch in the top of a tree, the sorrel nag dashed off and returned with a yahoo on her back who was yet more monstrous than Mr. Pope being fitted by a clothier. She dropped this creature before my nag as if offering up a sacrifice. My horse sniffed the creature and turned away." It might seem that we should take this scene seriously as a failed attempt at courtship, and that

consequently we should see the grey mare as an unrequited lover. But it makes more sense if we see that Swift is being satiric here: it is the female Houyhnhnm who makes the move, which would not have happened in eighteenth-century England. The Houyhnhm is being prideful, and it is that pride that makes him unable to impress Gullivers horse. Gulliver imagines the horse saying, Sblo

od, the notion of creating the bare backed beast with an animal who had held Mr. Pope on her back makes me queezy .

Throughout Gullivers Travels, the Houyhnhms are shown to be an ideal gone wrong. Though their intent might have been good, they don't know how to do what they want to do because they are filled with pride. They mislead Gulliver and they even mislead themselves. The satire on them is particularly well explained by the new born Houyhnhm who, having just been born, exclaims, "With this sort of entrance, what must I expect from the rest of my life!" .

In my opinion, there is a certain connection between the background of the novel and the social conditions. Take this novel for example; the background of the novel is based on the social reality in England of that time.

If I have the chance, I would like to be a man like Gulliver, because I am greatly inspired by his couragement and brave. Gulliver is the person, who travels the lands of Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa and the country of the Houyhnhnms. I think he must have experienced much during the voyages. These four voyages brought new future to Gulliver’s life.

The first voyage is to Lilliput. People of the lands of Lilliput are very small, it seems like the ant to us, and so Gulliver in the place is very big. The local people regard him as a monster. From the chapter of the novel, we can learn that people of Lilliput are of great kindness in giving Gulliver food and drink. While he was eating, they had prepared a platform to carry him to the capital city. The people of Lilliput,known as the Lilliputians,are very intelligent and clever with their hands.Five hundred men built a special wooden platform with twenty-two wheels.Nine hundred of the strongest men worked for about three hours to lift him on to the platform,and one thousand five hundred o f the King's largest horses(each eleven and a half centimeters high)pulled him to the capital.But he has experienced much, not only happy things but also unhappy things. As a reader of this novel, I can imagine how exciting how exciting the voyage was through the words written by the author.

The next voyage is to Brobdingnag, which is completely different from Lilliput. Gulliver is like a small man in Lilliput, because people in Brobdingnag are very big, all of them are giants. Gulliver is clever to e please the king and the queen with his intelligence in music. In my opinion, Gulliver is patriotic for he argued with the king, because the king laughed at his country. In Gulliver’s mind, his country is very harmonious, people are honest and brave. No one can criticize his country. I admire him for this characteristic.

The third voyage is to Laputa. From the chapter, I can learn Laputans are certainly strange people. Their heads always turn either to right or left:one of their eyes turns in-wards,the other upwards.Their main

interests are music and mathematics.They spend so much time thinking abut mathematical problems that they do not notice what is happening around them.As far as I am concerned, their life must be very boring, because they have nothing to do except thinking about mathematical problems. The last voyage is to Houyhnhnme.I think the country is very interesting, because it is controlled by horses. At first, the two horses helped Gulliver to drive away animals. Then, the horses led Gulliver to their house. Their house is very different from Gulliver’s house; it has no furniture and is very low. Unlike previous experience, this time Gulliver had to learn how to learn their language. It is very difficult to learn another language in a short time. So Gulliver only had learned a little of their language. Honestly speaking, I want to live in Houyhnhnme, because in this country which had no disease, no crime, and no wars. When Gulliver returned to England, he was disappointed by people, because they cannot learn from the Houys. At first ,he was hoping that perhaps human beings would change their ways after reading the stories of his life with the Houys.But they accuse him of lying in his book.And then he realized that people still lie,steal,and fight,just as they have always done,and probably will always do.He felt he was stupid to think that he could bring reason and truth into their lives and thoughts Humans are all Yahoos

Conclusion :

I hope I could have the chance to travel the world like Gulliver. I eagerly want to live in Houyhnhnme. Its society is very harmonious, I hope our society could become like that one day in the future. What we can do is to learn to help everyone around us who needs help, and try to understand others.

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