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5个元音的字母音 a [ei] e [i:] i [ai] o [?u] u [u:]


a [?e] bag cat hat map

e [e] pen bed ten hen

I [i] big pig sit hill

o [?] box hot dog frog

u [u] but mum bus mug


短元音[?e] [e] [i] [?] [?] [u] [?] 长元音 [i:] [?:] [a:] [u:] [?:]

8个双元音:[ei] [ai] [?u] [au] [?i] [i?] [e?] [u?]


1.单元音/i:/ see me be she need read meal eat seat deep keep

开音节中的e/i:/ me be she

ee /i:/ see sleep deep feet need

ea /i:/ read eat meal seat

2.单元音 /i/ in it is fit pin bit kiss sick miss fish rich lid

闭音节中的i /i/ if, his, film(闭音节指以辅音结尾的音节)

闭音节中的y /i/ sympathy, syllable, system, gym

位于词尾的y /i/ city, pity, willingly, possibility

3.单元音 /e/ get let bed pen best rest wet never better best

闭音节中的e /e/ bed, peg, set, tell

ea /e/ dead, heaven, feather

4.单元音/?e/ hat cat rat cap map fat man thank stamp fact

闭音节中的 a / ?e / bad, lad, rat, cab

5.单元音 /a:/ heart arm darn farm cart fast car dark barn pass

ar /a:/ arm, ark, lard, dark, car, card, hard, harm

6.单元音 / ? / lot got job shop soft song top hot box pot lock

闭音节中的o / ? / hot, got, not, lost, on, soft

7./ ?:/ tall fall wall Paul Maud walk call yawn thought

or / ?:/ or, sport, bored, horse, more, before

a(+ll或lk) / ?:/ all, fall, talk, walk

aw / ?:/ law, paw, draw, flaw, claw

8.单元音 /u/ cook book look put good full foot would

u /u/ put, full, pull, push, sugar, cushion

oo /u/ good, took, wood, wool, stood, bedroom

ou /u/ could, would, should

9.单元音 /u:/ too soon rule boot fool school soup cool lose new

oo /u:/ fool, booth, room, food

ou /u:/ soup, you, group

o /u:/ do, to, who

10./ ?/ cup bus gun hut sung duck lung luck cut stuck

闭音节中的u /?/ but, hunt, sun, duck, luck

闭音节中的o /?/ son, once, colour, other, money

ou /?/ rough, enough, touch, cousin, young

11.单元音 /?:/ shirt hunt burn girl bird nurse work worm curse er /?:/ herd, verb, mercy

ir /?:/ thirty, shirt, third, fir

ur /?:/ turn, church, burn, nurse, curse

or /?:/ word, work, world, worse

ear /?:/ heard, earth, search

12.单元音 /?/ ago about asleep above again among mother brother 许多元音在非重读章节中读成/?/,所以/?/的拼写形式多种多样。如: about, sofa, doctor, colour, figure

13.双元音 /ei/ May pay way day same hay great gain pain spade a /ei/ save, face, pale

ay /ei/ day, pay, may

ai /ei/ wait, fail, strait

ea /ei/ break, great

14.双元音 /?u/ no go so hole hope road home slow load foe soul o /?u/ go, hello, no, open, over, joking, October

oa /?u/ coat, soap, boat, road, coast

ow /?u/ snow, throw, blow, show, know, window

15.双元音 /ai/ bye lie try eye cry die my five time mine like 开音节中的i /ai/ time, crime, rite, fine

igh /ai/ high, might, night, light, bright

y /ai/ cry, my, sky, fly, July, reply

ie /ai/ eye, dye, bye

16.双元音 /au/ how now cow out mouse down house brown found ou /au/ about, around, found, sound, mouse

ow /au/ down, crowd, town, brown, now, how

17. 双元音 /?i/ boy joy toy voice noise join coin oil soil toil oi /?i/ oil, boil, join, coin, spoilt, voice, choice, noise

oy /?i/ toy, boy, enjoy, destroy, annoy, loyal, employer

18.双元音 /i?/ ear here fear hear dear pier tear near really idea ear /i?/ ear, dear, hear, clear, beard

ea /i?/ idea, real, theatre

ere /i?/ here, mere, severe

eer /i?/ beer, queer, engineer

19.双元音 /e?/ care wear hair there fair careful various

are /e?/ care, share, fare, hare,careless

air /e?/ air, fair, chair,repair

20.双元音 /u?/ tour sure poor pure cure tourist ur /u?/ cure, pure, fury

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