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Scene 1

Back in the computer room, more Sylvia replicas are being produced.



King Corvax! Stop the computer! Of course you can. It's your computer. Well, / can stop it.

(Edging past Sylvia replicas.)

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Corvax Be careful! Be careful!

King It's all right, Corvax.

Corvax Don't do that!Ooh!

The King disappears into the computer.


Scene 2

In the palace garden

Sylvia Look! There's one.

Muzzy And there's one! And there! Oh, there are lots of them! Bob There's a fat one!

Muzzy That one's fatter! Look!

1 Corvax I can't, your Majesty. Corvax Yes, I know. It's mine, but I can't stop it. Corvax! Corvax, help me!



Scene 3 There's a big one! Come on, Muzzy! Muzzy That's a bigger one over there!

Norman inspects a parade of Sylvia replicas. SRI


SR3 I'm big. I'm bigger. I'm small.

(Looking down) And the fourth one's smaller. (Looking up) The fifth is tall. The sixth is taller. The seventh is - er - fat.

And the eighth is...

SR8 Fatter. (Laughing) Fatter... Norman (Checking) The first one's big. The second one's bigger. Norman Yes. The third one's small. Scene 4

(a) The King is in the computer.


King Help me, Corvax. Idiot! Stupid idiot!

Ah, (Brightening up) I can run away. (Thinking) Yes! The helicopter!

2 Corvax I can't, your Majesty. Corvax (To himself) Oh dear! What can I do?

King Help! Help, Corvax! CORVAX!

Corvax Excuse me, your Majesty.

Queen What's happening? Where are you going? Corvax To the helicopter.

King HELP!

Come back!... CORVAX!

Bob Hey! Stop!

Muzzy! Go up there to the computer room!

Help the Queen. I can stop Corvax.

Muzzy Sorry! Excuse me.

Sylvia Excuse me.

Muzzy Oh, I beg your pardon.

Bob chases Corvax.

Bob Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Queen Oh... The King's in the computer. Corvax... Stop!...

Scene 5

In the computer room

Queen Who's - What's that?

Sylvia It's alright. That's Muzzy. He's a friend.

(To Muzzy) Muzzy, this is the Queen.

Muzzy Your Majesty!

King What's happening? What's that green thing?

Queen Oh, that's not a thing. That's Muzzy. He's a friend. 3

King But he can't help!

(Impatient) Where's Corvax?

Queen Ah, yes. Corvax can help.

Corvax is clever.

King No, he isn't. He's stupid.

Muzzy I can help, your Majesty.

King You? But you aren't clever.

Muzzy I am. (Sampling the odd microchip) Mm. Lovely! Sylvia What are you doing, Muzzy?

Muzzy Wait a moment!

Bob chases Corvax in the direction of the helicopter. Corvax kicks him away.

Scene 6

(a) Muzzy is at work on the computer.

Queen What are you doing?

Muzzy Excuse me. I'm hungry.

Queen (Aghast) Hungry? But the King's in there.

Why are you eating that?

(b) Muzzy is at work on the computer.

Muzzy Because I like it.

(Continuing his work)

Ah! I see. (Holding up another component) This goes here. This goes here. No, no it doesn't.


Sylvia Careful, please Muzzy!

Muzzy It's alright. It goes in here, and this - goes in here.

(Swallowing component)

(c) Corvax gets into the helicopter. Bob leaps after him and is carried away as it takes off.

Scene 7

(a) In the computer room

Muzzy Alright, your Majesty.

I'm ready.


King I'm ready too. It's hot in here. (Out of the computer) Ah! That's better. '

Queen Thank you, Muzzy. You are clever.

Sylvia Where's Bob?

Queen Bob? Bob? the gardener?... Oh, look...

(b) View of helicopter outside with Bob hanging on. They all go out on the roof.

Sylvia I Come on Bob! Great!

Muzzy ; Come on! Well done Bob! Hurray!

Queen J

Bob lets Corvax down onto the roof.

King OK. We've got him. Corvax! Corvax! Wake up! Bob flies off to land the helicopter. The King shakes Corvax. Corvax Why... What's happening?


Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I? Sylvia You're Corvax. And you're stupid.

Corvax Yes, I'm stupid. (Coming round)

No, I'm not. I'm clever.



King You are not clever, Corvax. (Pointing to Corvax) Take him away! Yes. Take him away! Bob enters with guards.

Muzzy takes a Sylvia replica.

Muzzy Stand-there.

Now. fry this.

Muzzy plays with computer and the Sylvias disappear into the computer.

Bob They're going. They're going into the computer! (e) Song - Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

Sylvia There goes a red one,


Bob There goes a blue, , A black-and-white one too.

Coming back this way.

Queen Three cheers for Muzzy,

Both Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Sylvia Now there are ten of them,

6 Sylvia There goes a green one, King Lots and lots of Sylvias, ,


Bob Bob Now there are nine. Four's going in now, Number two and number one,

And that leaves... Sylvia Eight - seven - six – five Coming on behind. Sylvia There goes number three.

Sylvia ME!

All Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Sylvia You and I are happy

Both A,E,I,O,U

Bob Now we are together.

Both I love you.

Norman Who is that beautiful girl?

What is her name?

Where does she come from? '

When can I see her?

Why am I down here?

(h) Wedding scene

Sylvia Now we are together.

Both I love you.

(i) Corvax is working.

Muzzy That goes in there, this goes up here. Corvax (Miserable) I don't like this job. 7

Muzzy That one.

Corvax This one?

Muzzy. No, the big one.

Corvax Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Muzzy Now for that one.

Corvax This?

Muzzy And that one!

Corvax What a dirty job!

Muzzy Now it's lunch-time.

Corvax Yes, I'm hungry.

Muzzy Take all those away.

Corvax Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Muzzy Now I'm in my spaceship.

Now I'm going away.

King Thank you. Thank you, Muzzy.

Please come back some day.

All Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

We're saying goodbye to Muzzy

We're saying goodbye to you.

In turn The King, the Queen, Sylvia, Bob, Corvax and Norman too.

All Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!...

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