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2. 开音节:a) 辅音+元音+辅音+e : name, bike, home, due, plane, shine b) 辅音+元音: he, go, hi, do, be, tree, three, hello

3. 闭音节:a) 辅音+元音+辅音: bad, bed, sit, hot, cup,let, mad, map b)元音+辅音: it,is, of, in, on, up, out

重读闭音节三要素:必须是重读音节;最后只有一个辅音字母;元音字母发短元音。 Sit begin put swim


5.浊化:以sp__,st___,sk___str___开头的单词中,清辅音/p/ /t/ /k/ /tr/分别要发浊辅音/b/ /d/ /g/ /dr/。

6.不完全爆破:爆破音[p] [b] [t] [d] [k] [g] 后面紧跟另一个爆破音或破擦音[d?]、

[t?]或摩擦音或鼻音时,前面的那个爆破音只在口腔内形成阻碍,而不能完全读出。 act picture breakfast good morning



英语音标及字母组合对照 1.元音:

1) [i:] sheep / ? i:p / A friend in need is a friend indeed.

字母组合:ee ea e ie ei y

单词举例:three tree green sheep meet beef see

eat tea meat leave lead teacher speak clean

please he she me

piece field receive twenty

2)[I] ship / ? i p / A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.

发音字母: i y e ey

单词举例:sit pig big it is little six

many happy dictionary

decide delicious monkey money

3) [?] cat [k?t] A fact is fact.

发音字母: a

单词举例:bag hand happy hat map mad bad black back

glad man

4) [e] elephant [‘ elif?nt] East or west, home is best.

字母组合: ea e

单词举例:head bread

bed red elephant remember sell lesson better

desk hotel yes

5) [З:] [?:] bird [ b?:d] The early bird catches the worm.

字母组合: ir ur ear er or

单词举例:girl shirt skirt thirty third bird

turn nurse Thursday

learn earth term her serve


work world word

6) [?] panda [‘p?nd?] Beggars can’t be choosers. 字母组合 er or ar o a

单词举例:teacher remember player speaker dinner

doctor actor author

familiar collar dollar sugar

together tomorrow today lesson

around panda ago elephant banana

7) [a:] after [‘a:ft?] He who laughs last laughs best. 字母组合: ar a au ear

单词举例:car farm card arm

fast class glass plant laugh aunt heart

8) [?] butterfly [‘b?t?flai] Well begun, half done.

发音字母: u o ou oo

单词举例:up lunch fun gun nut cup bus

come mother love above

trouble touch blood flood

9) [?:] horse [h?:s] Pride comes before a fall.

字母组合: al or au our ar oor a aw

单词举例:small wall talk tall ball walk

short more horse for forty sport

author autumn caught water draw strawberry

four warm door floor

10) [?] frog [fr?g] A little pot is soon hot.

[?] 发音字母: o a

单词举例:on hot lot fox box dog rock want wash

11) [u:] kangaroo [,k??g?’ru:] One is never too old to learn. 字母组合: oo o u ui

watch 4

单词举例:food room goose tooth

who do two true blue full ruler fruit juice

12) [u] wolf [wulf ] A good wife makes a good husband.

字母组合: u o oo ou

单词举例: put push woman

look good foot book wood should could

13) [ei] snake [ sneik] A penny saved is a penny gained.

发音字母 a ay ea ai ey

单词举例:name cake late plane April

play say may way great break

rain paint plain they grey

14) [ai] tiger [‘taig?] Time and tide wait for no man.

发音字母 i y

单词举例:bike fine find nine light night my try fly

15) [au] cow [kau] April showers bring May flowers.

字母组合: ou ow

单词举例:house out ground sound loud around mouse

flower down now cow how

16) [?u] swallow [‘sw?:l?u] There is no smoke without fire.

发音字母: o ow oa

单词举例: home cold go no over

know low below grow show boat coat goal

17) [??] boy [b??] Boys will be boys.

字母组合: oy oi

单词举例: boy toy

oil soil voice choice

18)[??] deer [d??] Just in one ear but out the other.

字母组合: eer ear ea e


单词举例:beer deer ear near idea hero series

19)[??] bear [b??] Where there is a will, there is a way.

字母组合: ear air ere

单词举例: bear wear chair air fair hair there where care

20) [u?] tour [tu?] As sure as egg is egg.

字母组合: our oor

单词举例:tour poor


21. [ p ] 字母组合: p pp

单词举例:pen pet paper plant pepper

22. [ b ] 字母组合: b

单词举例:boy ball bed bag

23. [ t ] 字母组合: t tt

单词举例: time table stay toy pretty attack

24. [ d ] 字母组合: d dd

单词举例:dog do day doctor sudden muddy

25. [ k ] 字母组合: k c ck

单词举例: kite king kitchen can car cake trick

26. [ g ] 字母组合: g

单词举例:get go girl good

27. [ f ] 字母组合: f ph gh

单词举例: foot feet fog phone photo elephant

28. [ v ] 字母组合: v

单词举例: van voice seven eleven

29. [ ? ] 字母组合: sh

单词举例: ship shoe shop short

30. [ ? ] 字母组合: si(on) s

单词举例:television decision usually pleasure

lock 6

31. [ h ] 字母组合: h

单词举例: hot he hat has

32. [ r ] 字母组合: r

单词举例: red read rain run

33. [ s ] 字母组合: s c

34. [ z ]

35. [ θ ]

36. [ e ]

37. [ tr ]

38. [ dr ]

39. [ ts ]

40. [ dz ]

41. [ t? ]

42. [ d? ]

43. [ m ]

44. [ n ]

单词举例:six sing snow cinema city 字母组合: z s 单词举例: zoo zero pizza these those 字母组合: th 单词举例:thin thank three 字母组合: th 单词举例: this that these those 字母组合: tr 单词举例: tree truck try 字母组合: dr 单词举例: dry drink dress driver 字母组合: ts 单词举例:ants streets students 字母组合: ds 单词举例: beds hands 字母组合: ch 单词举例: chair chicken Chinese 字母组合: g 单词举例: orange gentle page 字母组合: m 单词举例: many meat mother music 字母组合: n 7

单词举例: no not noodle new now

45. [ ? ] 字母组合: ng n

单词举例:long [l ? ?] sing

ink bank tank finger

46. [ l ] 字母组合: l

单词举例: look long left light let

47. [ j ] 字母组合: y

单词举例: year yellow you yes

48. [ w ] 字母组合: w wh

单词举例: word winter window

what where when

音标复习、拼读练习 参见各册课本单词。



a 在开音节中[ei] name plane Jane baby cake

在闭音节中 [?] bag dad hat map black back

e 在开音节中 [i:] he these me Chinese

在闭音节中 [e] bed let pen desk yes egg

i 在开音节中 [ai] bike fly drive time nice kite

在闭音节中 [i] fish big drink sit milk swim

o 在开音节中 [eu] those close go home no

在闭音节中 [?] clock not box shop sock

u 在开音节中 [ju:] student excuse duty Tuesday

在闭音节中 [?] bus cup jump much lunch


a [e] China another woman breakfast

[i] orange comrade village cabbage

e [e] hundred student open weekend

[i] chicken pocket begin children

i [e]/[i] holiday beautiful family animal

[ai] exercise satellite

o [e] second tonight somebody welcome [eu] also zero photo

u [e] autumn difficult [ju:] popular congratulation January


u处在开音节位置,又在辅音字母j l r s后面时,读[u(:)]音,例如:July influence February issue 元音字母在重读音节中的特殊读音

a在[w]音后面 [?] want what watch wash quality

a在f n sk ph sp ss st th前 [a:] after plant graph ask grasp glass fast father i在-nd -ld和 gh前 [ai] find child light high

o在-st -ld前 [eu] most postcard old cold


o在m n v th前 [?] come monkey love mother 10

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