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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-4.7 1A Unit 2

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Review: close /point to/ touch / listen / look at the board sing/draw/read/dance/skate/eat/drink

B. Look and say

Review: What’s this ?

It’s a table/a book/a chair/an eraser/a pen/a pencil/

3. Presentation

Present Lenny/Alex/ he/she/boy/girl/friend

Who’ s he /she ?

Is he /she … ?

How old is he /she ?

How are you ? I’m _____.


Activity 1- Listen and answer

The teacher reads new words three times, students listen. Then clearly and pass it to other students.

First, the teacher goes through cards we learnt in Unit 1 Star/Stella…) then presents Lenny and Alex. Then the teacher students “Is he Simon? Yes or No.” Students say “No.” The says “Who’s he? Is he Lenny?” Students say “Yes.”through all the characters except pets. Use “Who’s he /she? Is /she …?”

Second, the teacher points at all the female in the classroom says “girl” then points at all the male in the classroom says Asks students questions like “Is Alex/Lenny/Suzy… a boy /girl?” Students answer “Boy/ Girl.”

At last the teacher asks the students what’he /she and boy/girl .

(Give a star.)

Activity 2 – Match and answer

The teacher writes “Who’s he /she ?” on each side of the Then asks students put characters’ cards below the questions. the teacher writes numbers under each cards. Numbers ages. The teacher asks questions “Who’s he/she ? How is he/she?”“He’s a boy, he is eight, Who’s he ?” “She’ a girl. She is six. Who’she ?” Students answer questions.

(Give a star.)

Activity 3-Make conversations

The teacher gives each student three cards.

mood. (e.g. 1. Simon, 9, happy) The teacher can talk with student or can play two roles at the same time.

T: “Hello.”

S: “Hello.”

T: “I’m Simon. What’s your name?”

S: “I’m Jenny.”

T: “How old are you, Jenny ?”

S: “I’m 11. How old are you?”

T: “I’m 9. How are you?”

S: “I’m ________. How are you?”

T: “I’m happy. Goodbye, Jenny. ”

S: “Goodbye, Simon.”

and asks them to practice with each other.

(Give a star.)

4. Bookwork

Please open your activity book to page 10- activity 4 Let’look at the pictures. Who’old is he/she?

Look at activity 5. How many boys/girls (are girl ? How old is he/she ?

Period 2 15:45-16:30

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