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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-4.27 1A Unit 2

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2. Warm up (in 3 minutes)

Commands: Listen and do actions

(If there are too many people you can pass the warm up part.)

/point to/ touch / listen / look at the board / sing…

3. Activity 1- PPT for Mother’s day (in 10 minutes)

What is Mother’s day ?

When is Mother’s day ?

What we do on Mother’s day ?

Show kids and parents the PPT, maybe some of the sentences too hard for these kids, make them simple, and make sure Mother’mothers.

4.Activity 2- Listen to a story (in 5 minutes )

do for your mother on Mother’s Day when you were a kid ?

5. Activity3 – Presentation (in 20 minutes)

Present tape/card/craft punch/inkpad/scissors/seal/carnation

them how to use these tools.

Break time 15:35-15:45

Period 2 15:45-16:30

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