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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-5.11 1A Unit 3

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Give students the script of the song. Sing P17-7. After the song.

Ask questions. Practice “No, it isn?t.” “Yes, it is.”


1. Is Monty on the table ?

2. Is Monty under the chair?

3. Is he in the toy box?

4. Is he under the book.

5. Is he next to the computer ?

6.Where?s Monty ?

Activity 2 – Listen and do actions


Review: Stand up/ sit down/ jump/hop/fly/swim/go to sleep/

wake up/line up/make a circle/sing/walk/

run/ open/close/touch/listen/be quiet/

look at the board/sing/eat/drink/open/close/


Learn: wash / cook/ throw /catch

(Give a star.)

Activity 3 – Read after me

words. Ask the best reading student to be the little teacher. students read after him or her.

Activity 4- Listen and follow the orders

Put the __________on /in/under/next to the ___________.

to be the little teacher.

(Give a star.)

Activity 5- Read and find the cards

Hide some cards in the classroom. All these cards are start with

letter “t”.

Here are the hints:

1. Card 1 is under a table. (two)

2. Card 2 is under a red chair. (train)

3. Card 3 is in a pencil-case. (table)

4. Card 4 is next to a book. (tortoise)

5. Card 5 is on a blue chair. (toy box)

2. Presentation (in 20 minutes)

Present T /t/, tortoise…

Activity-6 What’s the same ?

Students have a look at these card you just found. What?

Write : two , train, table, toy box… on the slowly and ask students what?s the same ?

Then present Tommy tortoise and the /t/ sound.

T, T, ,T, /t//t//t/ T for two

T, T, ,T, /t//t//t/ T for train

Tell me more words start with /t/ sound.

Review S/s/ and M /m/ .


1. Presentation (in 25 minutes)

1. Please open your pupil?can you see ?

Play the CD, students listen.

Show students the script, read after the CD.

Student read the script one by one.

(The best reading student can get a star.)

2. Look at activity 11. What can you see in these pictures ? Tell

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