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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-3.30 1A Unit 2

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close /point to/ touch / listen / look at the board sing/draw/read/dance/skate

Colors and numbers

Learn: eat/drink

3. Presentation

Present table, book, chair, eraser, pen, pencil

What’s this? It’s a /an … (a, e, i , o, u )

Is this a … ? Yes, it is . No, it isn’t.

Activity 1- Listen and repeat

The teacher reads new words three times, students listen. Then clearly and pass it to other students.

e.g. present a, e, i, o , u

an apple

an eraser

an ice cream

an orange

an umbrella

What’s this ? It’s a pencil.

What’t the colour ? It’ red.

Read after me . It’a red pencil.

(Give a star.)

Activity 2- Chinese Whisper

has to say the word loud and point to the right card.

Activity 3 – Read after me

A. Use happy, sad, angry, question four tones to read the words.

B. Use David’s method to read.

(Give a star.)

Activity 4- Guess

A. Teacher puts some flashcards on the floor, students should their eyes, and then teacher hides one of the cards and students guess which card is missing.

Is this …. ? Yes. No. (write the sentence on the board)

B. Ask students close their eyes. The teacher makes noises with pencil, a table… Students ask “Is this a … ?”

(Give a star)

Activity 5- Run and erase

calls a word then the student run and erases it from the board.

Period 2 15:45-16:30

1. Presentation

Present your/ my /school

1 pencil, 2pencils

1 table, 2 tables

Activity 6- Write with me

The teacher shows students how to write the new words. write with the teacher.

(Give a star)

2. Bookwork

A. Open your pupils’ book to page 8.

1. Listen and point .The teacher ask some questions about the picture. Who’s this?

What’s this?

What’s this color ?

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