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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-5.25 1A Unit 3

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(Give a star to the winner.)

Stand up/sit down/listen/be quiet/jump/hop/walk/run/fly/


Learn: write

Activity 2- Look and say (in 5minutes)

and loudly. If there?them repeat after the teacher.

(Review colors/ball/bike/black/brown/car/computer/doll/grey/

train/white/in/on/under/next to)

3. Presentation (in 30 minutes)

Present family/mother/father/brother/sister/grandmother

/grandfather/ man/woman/

pop star

add: cousin

Activity 2- Listen and repeat

they know their relationship or not.

Activity 3- Guess

Hide a card. Students guess which card is missing.

Activity 4 – Where is … ?

Hide all the cards. And asks where is mother ? Where is father Mother is on the chair. Father is under the table.

Activity 4 – Make sentences

Ask students bring their family photo here. The teacher gives example. “This is my family photo. This man is my… This woman my …”Then ask students introduce their family members.

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