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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-6.15 1A Unit 3

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Go through all the action cards first. Then play Simon says.

(Give a star)

Activity 2-Listen and do actions

Let the students be little teachers, one says the words and

Phrases. One does the actions.

Activity 3- Guess what is it ?

The teacher does actions or make sounds. Students guess

what is it ?

Activity 4- Look and say

Go through the entire card from Unit 1-4. Include cards with written words. Students have to say these words out loudly and clearly.

Activity 5- Listen and touch

Put word card in different places. The teacher says the

words, students touch.

(Give a star)

三. Presentation

1. Present B/b/, bat, mouse, mice, school, friend,

family, spinner, world.

Activity 6- Listen and repeat

The teacher says the new words. Students listen. Then the says the words again. Students repeat after the teacher.

(Use happy, angry, sad, question sounds)

Activity 7- Put the cards in order

The teacher says all the words in certain order. Students have to put these words well. Ask students to be little teachers.

(Give a star)

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