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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-3.21AUnit1 Hello -lesson plan

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Teacher presents pictures for kids.Say new words three times. Students “Look at this picture. Who is this?”

Listen and repeat


Chinese whisper - ,students line up ,teacher whispers one word, Guess it

A. Show students part of a card, students guess who is this

B. Pick some cards put them in order, read to the students, then turn right card.

C. Teacher holds the cards, ask the students “Is this Mr Star?” guess yes or no.

Ask and answer

A. Teacher holds one card, student hold one.

Teacher says “Hello, I’m Mr.Star. What’s your name ?

Student answers “I’m Monty.”

Then pick one student be the teacher ask other kids.

Give stars.

Practise 2


1.Open your pupils’the star ? Here it is.”

2.Activity 1- Listen and point

Listen to the CD. Play the CD twice.

First time listen. Second time read after the CD.

3. Activity 2- Listen point and repeat

“Show me your finger, please. Where is Mr Star, point Mr Star ?”

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