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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-3.91AUnit1 Hello -lesson plan

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“Look at this picture. What is it?”

Listen and repeat


Put numbers card on the board. Teacher says students point.

Teacher points, Students say the number.

Listen and get the right card

Put cards in different places, teacher says the word, students get the See who is the fast one .The winner can get 5 points.

Look and say

A: Students look at the teacher’s fingers, say the number.

B: Prepare monster cards, ask students questions

“How many eyes?”

“How many noses?”

Add: touch your nose, touch your eyes, touch your ears

Listen and do actions

(one step back).The winner get 5 points.

Ask and answer

“How old are you ?”

“How old is Suzy?”

“Five ?”



1.Open your pupils’ book to page 3,please.Look at the picture. Who’this ?

2.P3-3- Listen and do actions.(present toys and toy box, teach actions)

Listen to the CD. Play the CD twice.

First time listen. Second time do actions after the CD.

3.P3-4 Say the chant, play it 3 times, first time just listen.

4.P4-5 Listen and point

Ask questions

“How old is Meera ?”

“ How old is Suzy ?”

“ How old is Simon?”

5.Listen point and repeat.

Play the CD three times, first time listen, then repeat.

6.Activity book P4, 5-6

一.Warm up

1. Say the chant

2. “How old are you ? ”“I’m _______.”the students answer.

3. Ball game.


Put cards on the broad, teacher says the word, students point.

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