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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-3.23 1A Unit 1

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from ? What do you like? What happened to you recently ? Do the Spring Festival? Blahblahblah… If you could bring some )

1. Review:



What’s your name? I’m ______.

How old are you? I’m ______years old.

How are you? I’m fine/happy/sad/angry/hot


How are you today? I’m hungry/sleepy/ tired. Pretty good.

What’s your Chinese name?

What’s your English name?


2. Warm up

Commands: Listen and do actions

Review: close /point to/ touch / listen / look at the board / sing

Learn: draw/read/dance/skate…

3. Activity 1- Chinese Whisper

This activity can be used to review names, colors, and numbers.

/Monty /Meera

2.Numbers : 1-10

3.Colors: red/ yellow/ pink/ green /orange /purple/blue)

has to say the word loud and point to the right card.

4.Activity 2 – Cards hunter

This activity can be used to review colors and numbers.

asks the student find the right card; see who the fast one is.

“Give me ________, please.”

5. Activity 3- What’s the missing card ?

eyes, then teacher hides one of the cards and let students which card is missing.

6. Activity 4 – Musical Chairs


/Monty /Meera

2.Numbers : 1-10

3.Colors: red/ yellow/ pink/ green /orange /purple/blue)

Teacher puts four chairs in a circle, then asks five students

to walk in front of the four chairs. The teacher says a category of

words, for example: “red, yellow, pink, blue…”then the teacher

will add one word which doesn’t belong to the category. When the teacher says the word which doesn’t belong to the category,

the five students should try their best to find a chair to

sit on. The student who has no chair should answer a questions.

Then the teacher will take a chair away.

Questions: “Who’s this ?”

“How are you ?”

“How old are you ?”

“What’s this colour?/What colour is it ?”

“What’s this number?/What number is it ?”

Category 1: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, pink!

Category 2: red, yellow, pink, green, orange, a pencil!

Category 4: snake, star, Stella, Suzy, Simon, monkey!

7.Activity 5 – Match- It’s time to do some bookwork

Put cards and written word on the board. Students math a with a word. The teacher gives students test papers to do .

8. Activity 6 - Hello, Mr. Wolf

(This activity can be used to review: “How are you ?” “What’s name ?” “How old are you ?” “What colour is it?” “What number is it ?”

The teacher presents wolf , I’m hungry .

The teacher is the wolf. The teacher writes “How are you?”on board.

Students line up and ask the teacher loudly: “How are you? Mr. Wolf.” The teacher answers: “I’m fine .” Students go one step further to further to the teacher.

the teacher will be the wolf.

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