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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-6.221A Unit 3

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Activity 1- Listen and do actions (5 minutes)

1. The teacher says actions students do actions. Play “Simon says”.

2. Ask the students to be little teachers.

Activity 2- Look and say

Go through the entire card from Unit 1-4. Include cards with written words. Students have to say these words out loudly

and clearly.

Main words and phrases: (10 minutes) Give a star.

Unit 1 – red , yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, blue

Numbers 1-10

(What’s this colour?/What colour is it ?

What’s this number ?/What number is it ?)

Unit 2 –table, book, chair, eraser, pen, pencil

(What’s this ? What colour is it ?)

Unit 3 –car, ball, doll, computer, bike, train, black ,brown, white, Grey, on , in ,under ,next to

(What’s this ? Where is the ball ? )

Unit 4- Mrs Star-mother, Mr Star-father, Simon-brother, Stella/Suzy-sister, Grandma-grandmother, grandpa-grandfather, old, young,

ugly, beautiful, happy, sad

(Who’s he/ she ? Is he/she old/young/ugly/beautiful/happy/

Sad ? Is Mrs Star a mother or a sister ? Is Simon a brother or

a father? )

Other words and phrases : (5minutes)

fast, make sure students can say the words out loudly and can also ask girls to read some words, and then boys read words.

Activity 3- Act out a story (10 minutes)

P25-10 Listen and act out the story .Open your pupil’s book to page 25. David - Maskman.

Susan - Marie.

Jenny - Monty

Activity 4- Sing a song (2-3 minutes)

Let’s relax. Let’s sing a song. You can do actions too. Play CD P11-8.


Present our, world, map, India, Indian, friend, school.

Activity 4- Read after me (5minutes)


e.g. Where’s India ?

Can they speak English ?

Activity 5- Look at the video and answer(15minutes)

Show students a video about India. Ask them what do they

know from the video? Then present the PPT. Explain the PPT

to them.


Open your book to p26-1 Listen and say the number. (10 minutes)

Play the CD.

Hello.My name’s Ravi. I’m seven. My favourite toy is my bike.

This is my school. I like my school.

This is my mother and farther. My mother is beautiful.

This is Nihal. He’s my friend. He is six. We’re happy.

This is my grandfather. My grandmother is old. My grandmother is On the chair next to my grandfather.

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