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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-5.18 1A Unit 3

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2. Warm up and review (in 40 minutes)

Activity 1- Look and say

Show kids cards very fast, make sure they can say words out and loudly. If there’re pronaciation problems correct them and them repeat after the teacher.

(Review ball/bike/black…)

Activity 2 – Listen and do actions

It’phrases. Sit down, stand up, jump, walk, run,fly…Review wash/brush/comb/cook. The kid who can do all the can get a star.

(Give a star.)

Activity 3 – Guess

Ask one kid stand out. Show him/her a card, the kid has to do action. Other kid guess what is it .

(Review actions phrases and doll/computer/car/ball/train/bike.)

(Give a star.)

Activity 4- Look and answer

Practice sentences like “Where is … ?” “It is in/on/under/next to the …”“Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.”

as many details in the picture as possible.

e.g. Pupils’ book P17-7. After 30 seconds ask them close the book.

Questions: 1. Where’s the doll ?

2.Where’s the book ?

3.Where’s the computer ?

4.What colour is the chair ?

5.What colour is the school bag ?

We’ll use pupils’ book P17-7, activity book P16-6,P18-9.


Activity 5-Sing the song.

Copy Teacher’star.

(Give a star.)

Activity 6-Cut ,place and play

car grey , colour the ball orange, colour the computer blue, colour the book green.

Students can stick the car/doll/ball/computer/bike/train one.

Activity 7 Look and answer.

Look at the PPT and answer questions.

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