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剑桥国际少儿英语教案kid box 1-4.13 1A Unit 2

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2. Warm up

A. Commands: Listen and do actions

Ask one student to be the teacher.

Review: close /point to/ touch / listen / look at the board sing/draw/read/dance/skate/eat/drink

Learn: be quiet/listen

B. Ask and answer

Show students cards very fast or just show them half of cards.(Review words from Unit 1-2).

What’s this ? It’s a/an…

What’s this number ? It’s one, two, three…

What’s this color ? It’s red, yellow…

How old is he/she ? He’s /She’s …

Who’s he / she ? He’s /She’s …

( Give a star.)

3. Presentation

Present the sound /m/. mouse.

Activity 1- Listen ,look and find the same

are writing them. M,M,M, /m//m//m/. M for Maskman.

Maskman /Michael /monkey/ Meera /Marie /mouse /Monty

Review: S /s/ star/Simon/Suzy/Stella…

Activity 2 – Listen and repeat

M,M,M, /m//m//m/. M for Maskman.

M,M,M, /m//m//m/. M for Michael.

M,M,M, /m//m//m/. M for mouse.

(Give a star.)

Activity 3-Listen and circle the /m/ sound

Who?s he/she ? What?s this ?

Please circle the ?m? words.

(Give a star.)

4. Bookwork

A. Please take out your pupil?s book. Open your pupil?12. Look at activity 9. What can you see in the picture?

What?s this ?

Is it a monkey ?

What?s your name monkey ? I?m Michael.

B. Play the CD two times. Students listen .

Then teacher shows students the script and read the script to them Teacher and student read together.

Students read one by one

( Give a star.)

Period 2 15:45-16:30

1. Warm up

Activtiy 4 Run and earse

The teacher writes some words or sentences on the board during break time.

The teacher says a word and asks one student to erase the right word. (Give a star.)

2. Presentation – Listen to the story

A. Open your pupil?s book to page 13. What can you see in pictures ?

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