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Ancient times
? According to FIFA the competitive game cuju is the earliest form of football for which there is scientific evidence.

Modern times
? Modern football originated in England. ? Marked: unified competition rules

? Picture shows the French celebrity by Rousseau

Basic knowledge of football

11 Players

? Full back 后卫 ? Midfielder 中场 ? Forward 前锋 ? Sweeper 清道夫 ? Goalkeeper 守门员

Basic equipment
? Polo shirt 球衣 ? Shorts 短裤 ? Stocking 长袜 ? Shin guard 护胫 ? Footwear 球鞋

Basic spirit of Competition Rules
? Equivalence principle ? To protect the athletes health ? To promote the development of football skills and tactics(战术) ? To approve the appreciation(观赏性) of the games

Gestures of the referee

International competition

FIFA World Cup
? FIFA: International Federation of Football Association

UEFA Champions League
? UEFA: Union of European Football Association

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