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3.He decides ___________(to stop)smoking.

4.He offers _______(to lend) me money, but I refused

5.We haven’t got enough__________(架子)to keep all the books on.6.He is practicing _________(play) the piano.7. I am proud__________ (say) that.

8.. Jim, ____________ ( not swim ) here. It’s dangerous.9. My brother studies in _____ (a /an) university.

10.Please ________ ________(确保) that he has finished his homework.11.Lily often helps me _________ (do)my homework.

12. I keep my ___________ ____________ (零用钱) in the bank.

1. He is hungry. He would like something ______________(eat)2.There are twelve ____________ (month) in a year.

3. If he ________(pass) the exam, his father ________ (buy) him a computer.4. As he _________(read) the newspaper, his mother came in.5. Don’t forget _________(water) my flowers while I’m away.6. If the photo isn’t good, __________ (not/save).

7. Please teach me how___________ ( play ) the computer games.8. Will you please ____________( not talk ) in class any more?

9. They keep __________ (watch ) the beautiful scenery out of the window..10. Do you think English is as __________ ( important ) as maths?

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