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as achild -and as an abult as well -bill gates was untidy it has beeen said that in order to counteract this mary drew up weekly clothing plans for him
and it is imagined by many that the operations of the common mind can be by no means compared with these processes and that they have to be acquired by a sort of special training.
it is generally agreed that a person of high intelligence is one who can grasp ideas readily make distinclions, reason logically and make uwse of verbal and mathematical symbols in solving problems.it is clear that it is possible that it is likely that it is strange that i meant to have telephoned,buti forgot
iplanned to have visited you yesterday evening,but i was too busy
i had intended to see you but i was busy
i had intended to have seen you ,but i was busy
i was to have visited you yesterday evening
i was to have telephoned,but i forgot
russian president vladimir putin was to have been here for this for this meeting but he canceled his trip,because of the hostage-taking incident last week at a moscow theaterit dawned upon me that there is a logical connection between all the things that happen in that immensely connected body of salted water that covers 71 percent of the surface of the earth

when i decided to quit my full-time employment it never occurred to me that i might become a part of a new international trend
whether the government should increase the financing of pure science at the expense of technology or vice versa often depends on the issue of which is seen as the driving force
however whether such a sense of fairness evolved independently in capuchins and humans,or whether it stems from the common ancestor that the species had 35 million years ago is ,as yet an unanswered question
whoever tries to resolve aconflict soon learns that nothing pleases everybodythe latest purported taped message form osama bin laden has reised concern among european intelligence and law enforcement officials that that their countries are now on his list

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